What You Should Know About Air Coolers This Summer!

What You Should Know About Air Coolers This Summer!

Our heads are being scorched by the fierce sun this summer, so we need to beat the dry heat and keep cool. There are many ways to save money while living a lavish life while taking advantage of the rental industry. Modern problems demand modern and smarter solutions. It’s true that the modern generation doesn’t have the time for carrying a huge air conditioner around, and getting an air conditioner is a big burden for people who are on the move. But what about heavy air coolers as well? How can one be more useful than another, particularly for millennials?

Quite simply, if you need a more budget-friendly, portable, and hassle-free solution then air coolers will work best for you.

  • Don’t Let Your Budget Get Hot!

Investing in an air cooler will cost you substantially less than investing in an air conditioner in the first place, so you save a lot of money. Now imagine if you could get that same product at even a lower price and with benefits that adhere to your lifestyle as well? This is what renting an air cooler is all about, it allows you to stay chilled in this hot weather at a fraction of the cost of buying it. After all, it is hassle-free to have home appliances on rent, in any place you dwell in all over the country, like, an air cooler on rent in Bangalore or any appliance, this is the best way to save your budget!

  • It’s Time To Save Energy!

In terms of energy efficiency, coolers are among the most efficient appliances out there, consuming far less energy and resulting in lower electric bills. A fan blows out cool and fresh air as the water evaporates through the cooling pads, which takes in the natural warm air coming from the outside and then makes it pass through cooling pads. Having an air cooler has the benefit of continuing to operate even when the voltage drops, making it not as susceptible to shutting down like other appliances.

  • Always On The Go!

One of the main reasons why people use coolers is their portability. People who are always on the move cannot dedicate time and effort to heavy appliances in the new cities; this is when portable and light coolers come in handy, and moreover, now you can rent one for half as much as you would have to pay for buying one — and all the shifting or moving will be dealt with by the air cooler company. It’s just great!

  • Our Environment Is Important!

With a relatively low energy consumption, air coolers are a good alternative to larger, heavier air conditioners. Air coolers do not use the same amount of energy as a large air conditioner does, so they make it possible to open the windows to let the fresh air in instead of cooling the stale air in a closed room. A CFC-free air cooler is also beneficial for the environment, which should be a concern for both consumers and makers. We should all be concerned about environmental protection.


An air cooler allows proper ventilation in the room and keeps the toxins at bay since it uses the traditional method of spreading air by evaporating the water to keep the room cool hence getting the term water cooler which is quite eco-friendly than the ACs. With Rentickle, it makes the user experience even better by providing additional benefits like Free Delivery, Free Maintenance, Easy Returns and Free Relocation.

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