Train Ticket Booking — How to Check PNR Status Railway 

In India, train ticket booking and checking the status of your PNR are important parts of using the railways. As technology improves, these steps have become easier to access and use, but it’s still important to fully understand them for a smooth trip. 

This article goes into great detail about how to book train tickets and why it is important to check the PNR status railway. By learning more about train ticket booking and PNR status checks one can confidently and easily ensure a hassle-free trip experience.

Understanding Train Ticket Booking Procedure

Train ticket booking can be hard at times, especially if you have never done it before. However, it becomes easy if you know the process. Here is how you can easily book a train ticket online:

  1. Sign up or log in: Users must register on the IRCTC website before booking tickets. To be registered, you must provide some basic information about yourself and how to get to you. Users can create an account by using their password to verify their identity and make reservations in the future.
  2. Seek for and select the train you want: This is the most critical phase of the procedure. Travellers must enter the departure location, arrival location, and travel date very carefully. The system then displays a list of all the trains available along that route on that date, accompanied by the times they run.
  3. Seat choices and preferences: After people select a train, they choose the class and the type of seat they want. In the next step, you also make your precise choices, for example, the type of berth you want (upper, middle, or lower) and the location where you want to sit (window or aisle).
  4. Passenger information and payment: whether you are travelling in a group or solo, you need to fill in all traveller information at the time of booking the ticket. Once done, you are prompted to the submit payment option. You may pay using any of the many payment methods, including mobile applications, credit/debit cards, or net banking. 
  5. Confirmation and Ticket Download: Once a payment is made successfully, users get a confirmation message along with their e-ticket. This document proves that you made a reservation and has essential details like the PNR number, train number, seat number, and departure time. Passengers can either download their tickets and print them out or save them online so they are easy to find during the trip.

Checking PNR Status

Travellers rely on the PNR status to keep themselves updated on their journey. They can check the status of their ticket and find out about any changes or improvements to their booking. For a trouble-free journey, you need to know the PNR status railway. This tells you important things like how many seats are available, which coaches will be assigned, and the current status of your train ticket booking.

Different methods to check PNR status

Here are different methods to check PNR status railway

Using the IRCTC App or Website

The easiest way to get the latest update on your PNR status is to check via the IRCTC website. Users only need to put their PNR number in the marked area, and the app will show them the current status of their ticket. Many people choose this option because it is easy to access and user-friendly.

SMS Service

Another popular way to check the PNR status is by sending a text message to 139 (the train enquiry number). Within seconds, travellers will get a return message with information about their ticket, such as whether the seat is confirmed, waitlisted, or RAC. It also displays the seat number, coach number, and seating class. This way works especially well for travellers who don’t have internet access or would rather talk to someone face-to-face.

Railway Enquiry Desks

People who like to do things the old-fashioned way can use railway enquiry desks to find out the PNR status. Passengers can go to the inquiry desk and give the staff their PNR status railway number, and they will get the information they need. This way may require you to be at the place in person, but it provides individual help and guarantees correct information.


In conclusion, anyone who travels by train in India needs to know how to book a ticket and check the PNR status. Following the detailed steps in this guide will make it easy for travellers to book their trip and stay updated on its progress. It has never been easier to check the PNR status railway, whether you use an online service like IRCTC, an SMS service, or a train information desk. By understanding these steps and using the available resources, train travellers can feel confident about their trips and can travel easily.

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