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How Do You Send A Message That Self Destructs?

Self-destruct messages can be a great tool to send secret and private notes in the working environment or to your family members to avoid any type of online spying tool or malicious hacker. The messages are deleted automatically so your information will remain safe between you and the receiver.  There …

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The perks of Using a Social Media Company

Before you sign up for a social media company, it is important to make sure you are aware of what to expect. A social media policy is necessary to protect your brand image and ensure employees can create within the limits of your social media company policy. It should explain …

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What Is Video Content Marketing and Why Do We Need It?

What Is Video Content Marketing and Why Do We Need It

We have heard of the most trending word of the decade: “Content marketing”. Content marketing is a marketing method that involves developing and delivering valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a specific audience.  Content marketing involves various mediums like images, audio, influencers, graphics, and videos to present …

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Music marketing – A to Z explained

Music marketing - A to Z explained

In 2010, being a musician striving for fame and a big stage means not just rehearsing a lot, going on tours, and sitting in the studio for months, trying to give out another masterpiece. Today, it means maintaining and promoting an Instagram account, developing communities dedicated to your work on …

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