7 Steps to Creating Compelling Instagram Video Content

Video Content has emerged as one of the best marketing tools for quite some time now. With the current social media boom we’re experiencing, its relevance has only increased further, as video content is by far the best way to market on these platforms. Boasting over a billion active monthly users, Instagram is a place full of possibilities for most marketers, and its extremely friendly format for video content only further accentuates this potential.

Instagram has 4 different formats that you can use to post video content. This opportunity comes with its difficulties, but if you learn how to leverage them, your content can go a long way for your audience. There’s also the consideration of the audience you’re looking to target with your content. Social media users have famously low attention spans, and as such, the content needs to be designed around this. 

This can be a rather difficult task, but luckily for you, we’ve put together 7 steps you can follow to create compelling Instagram Video content for your business.

1. Set a clear objective

The first step to creating effective content for a purpose is to set clear and easily digestible goals in mind while creating your content. There’s no point in shooting and editing content if you don’t have a clear purpose in mind, as the lack of clarity will end up reflecting on your work. Find a proper direction to curate your content around, and work on the video accordingly. 

2. Draw viewers in with a hook

The first 2-3 seconds of your video is by far the most important part of your work, as it can make or break the viewer’s attention to the video. If you cannot draw their attention within this time, they’ll tend to simply scroll away from your video, rendering it useless. Thus, it’s always best to start your video off with a creative hook that’ll draw users into watching the rest of your video. 

You can hook viewers in using arresting or attention-grabbing visuals in the beginning, or perhaps a creative teaser to the content that gives off just enough to spark the curiosity of a viewer. There are many such options you can use to add a bow to your video content, but regardless of what method you choose, make sure that it works in your favor to attract viewers. 

3. Keeps things short and sweet

Instagram is a place full of hyperactive viewers. To get your message across to such a volatile audience, you need to make sure you can deliver it in as little time as possible. The viewing experience needs to be more akin to a rollercoaster ride than a boring class lecture. By engaging with the users in quick and creative ways, they’re more inclined to resonate with the content and be compelled to take further steps. 

By prolonging your content and bloating it with less than relevant information, you’ll only end up jeopardizing your chances of convincing your audience. 

4. Connect through Stories and emotions

The best way to structure video content is to structure it around a story. This doesn’t mean you have to follow a specific storyboard, but rather, to use stories to frame your video in a way that uses each second effectively. 

It is by sharing something of value to the viewer that you can truly connect with them, and if you can make the storytelling in such a way that they tug at the heartstrings of the viewer, then your video will be successful. It doesn’t necessarily have to be just sadness; any emotions that spark a strong sense of connection in the viewer, such as joy, intrigue, surprise, etc., work perfectly well to draw people in. 

5. Ensure High Production Quality

The best way to organically reach many people on an app like Instagram is to create content that people deem worthy of sharing. To do this, you need to be able to produce videos that display qualities that draw people to them.

These qualities can range from innocuous, such as lighting, to crucial, such as quality and presentation, but all come together to create a quality product.

Not everyone has the means to invest a huge sum of money for creating videos, but they can be created without much investment. All you need to do is remember to include great lighting and take steady clear shots to reach a minimum standard. A good Instagram video editor tool can go a long way towards taking your footage and making it quality video marketing content.

6. Add fitting background music

Depending on the type of content you’re making, the background music that you choose to supplement the video can go a long way in enhancing how watchable it is. 

The right kind of music can set the right mood for the viewer to watch the video, and it is the perfect tool to communicate emotions to the viewers. There are tons of editing tools out there that can help you add background music to your Instagram videos, so choose the most suitable one you can find. 

7. Include a Call-to-Action at the end

Call to action are the tools you use to convert viewers gained from marketing content into relevant business for your company. As such, they’re tools that can be used to automatically increase engagement with your viewers and move from Instagram to your website. Since Instagram is a mobile-oriented social media app, ensure that your website links are mobile-friendly too for the convenience of the viewer. 

Summing Up

Instagram is a platform with a host of unique strengths, especially for marketers looking to show off their video content skills and make use of the tools of outreach the app has to offer. While the competition is rather high, the potential target audience is much bigger. As daunting as it may seem to enter such a highly competitive field, with the help of the 7 steps we’ve given you above to create Instagram videos that compel and entertain viewers, we hope you can find a method of creation that suits you best.

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