How to get better on YouTube – Tips from experts

Do you want to learn about YouTube marketing? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will talk about YouTube tips to help you with the business.

Bet on remarketing with YouTube Ads

The main benefit of remarketing audiences is that you can reach out to people who already know you. These people already know you because they:

  • Have recently visited your website
  • View one or more videos on your YouTube channel.

These Internet users may have gone to your site after doing a search on Google. They may also have clicked on one of your Facebook ads. Anyway, this means that at some point, this Internet user has shown an interest and a potential need for your company, product or service. And remarketing is an opportunity to once again address these Internet users who are interested in you. So, you are addressing a heated audience. Thus, you do not need to work on your notoriety with this audience (and therefore do not have to work on the first step of a classic conversion tunnel).

You only spend your budget on people who have already shown an interest in you. Naturally, the chances of converting these audiences are higher. Your goal is then to reassure these Internet users or to respond to their potential objections.

They have come to your site once or more. They may not have purchased or subscribed to your offer. But these people are definitely in a thinking phase. They may also have gone to inquire on the site of your competitors. At the same time, you can buy YouTube subscribers that are very targeted to your offer.

Retargeting can allow you to continue to argue with these Internet users who have shown an interest in you. And by intervening with the right message and at the right time in the purchasing process, you will put all the chances on your side to convert this interest into a decision (purchase, requests for quotes, etc.).

Work the 30 seconds of your YouTube advertising video

30 seconds are essential and can allow you to make real savings. Indeed, even if a person watches your advertisement for less than 30 seconds, it is still an opportunity for you to work on your notoriety for free! It is therefore essential that people can understand what you are doing during the first seconds of your video.

Imagine being able to present your business to a targeted audience and being able to get hundreds of thousands of views for free. Well with YouTube, it’s possible! Also, it is important to make sure that those who are not interested (yet) in your offer do not watch your video for more than 30 seconds.

Thus, you will only pay for having reached Internet users likely to become your future customers. A good practice is to broadcast a video ad that clearly suggests to Internet users who are not interested to skip it before the 30 seconds.

In short, these 30 seconds can allow you to work on your notoriety for free. But they must also allow you to keep only the most interested Internet users in order to optimize your expenses.

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