The Cellular Functions of Red Light Therapy Related to Scar Reduction

As we have talked about red light therapy benefits of scar reduction, it is now time to delve into the cellular-level effects of red light therapy on skin fibrosis. In this article, we will discuss how red light therapy can help reduce scarring at a cellular level and how you can optimize your light treatment using the best red light therapy devices. We will also provide you with reasons why you need to use red light therapy devices to treat skin fibrosis and explore some of the effects of red light therapy that are related to skin fibrosis. So, if you’re looking to learn more about the photobiomodulation of red light therapy and find out how to get the most out of your light therapy treatments, let’s enjoy this reading!

How can red light therapy help reduce scarring? A close look at cellular level.

Fundamentally, the pathways of all formations of scar fibrosis involve an increased deposition of skin collagen. Therefore, suppression of collagen production is a possible way to remove scars, while fibroblast cells settle in the matrix and function as a key to produce collagen type I and other extracellular matrix components. In such way, the suppression of fibroblast proliferation is a potential way to address scar removal.

Red light therapy alters downstream cellular proliferation

Red light therapy helps with the modulation of mitochondrial, intracellular, and nuclear processes, which are well-established facts in this paper. Fibroblast proliferation is a key contributor to the initiation and maintenance of skin fibrosis, and the management of fibroblast proliferation is critical for addressing skin fibrosis. In this study, at certain fluences, low-level light therapy using LED red light panels was assessed via different irradiation levels, and statistically significant decreases in cell proliferation were noted at the following doses: 160 J/cm^2, 320 J/cm^2, and 640 J/cm^2. Furthermore, red light therapy does not appear to affect fibroblast viability, with no increases in apoptosis or necrosis observed, which suggests that red light therapy is likely modulating fibroblast function through means other than direct cellular cytotoxicities, such as through modulation of the cell cycle or autophagy.

Red light therapy modulates cellular migration

A fact of cellular migration speed, contributing to the recruitment of fibroblasts to sites of increased collagen deposition, and the increase of fibroblasts derived from skin affected by scar fibrosis was demonstrated by this finding. There was an increased motility rate when compared to fibroblasts derived from healthy skin. Several signaling pathways have been verified to play crucial roles in the regulation of fibroblast migration, including PI3K/Akt and MAPK/ERK, while visible red light therapy is capable of decreasing fibroblast migration speed which shows a dose-dependent manner. The research can be found on this website, and its experimental result is shown in the following picture. The study demonstrated that LED red light therapy at fluences of 480, 640, and 800 J/cm^2 can decrease fibroblast migration speed as a result of the increase in ROS.

How can you optimize your red light treatment?

The recent study, the objective of which is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of red light therapy for post-surgical scars, used the FDA-cleared light therapy device with visible red light at 633 nm 卤 6 nm emitted at a power density of at least 36 mW/cm^2 at a distance of 10 mm from the skin surface to avoid the heat, and different levels of doses were applied to build a comparable assessment. The assessments were conducted at the first treatment session and at follow-up visits at nearly 1 month, 3 months, and 6-12 months post-surgery. The result is assessed through the patient and observer scar assessment scale (POSAS). At 6 months, the high-dose-treated scars had better total PSAS scores compared to the control group of scars, and a medium dose had lower induration values at 6 months, reflecting greater scar pliability in the treatment area. Both low and medium-dose-treated scars showed a great improvement in scar pliability, while high-dose-treated scars had a lower decrease in induration than the control group.

For treatment purpose of scar removal, the effect shows a great dose-dependent, at least 160 J/cm^2, or even higher dose level, was applied in clinical trials. In the case of this study, for an irradiance of 36 mW/cm^2, at least 30 minutes of treatment duration are required. To directly target the fibroblasts in the dermis layer of the skin, the most optimal red wavelengths are around 660 nm within the optical window of human tissues.

Why do you need Bestqool red light therapy devices?

The effect of red light therapy for scar removal is greatly dependent on the emitting wavelengths and doses. Bestqool red light therapy devices are all FDA-cleared and ETL-certified for ensuring the safety and affiliating your best light therapy treatment.

With our cutting-edge LED technology, all Betqool products are able to produce the light wavelengths that are most suggested and proven to be most effective, based on the studies above, for the scar removal process, i.e., red light at 66 nm and near-infrared light at 830 nm. The most challenging part is the irradiance modeling, and Bestqool red light therapy devices are able to reach as high as 100 mW/cm^2 of direct output. Only sufficient irradiance is able to reach the deepest layer of the human skin, i.e., the dermis layer; and the higher the irradiance from all concerns, brings more efficacy of red light therapy.

It is not just a matter of price. Bestqool is worthy of your trust, for we provide the most affordable and professional red light therapy devices. All Bestqool products are credited as professional from both the point of efficacy and safety. Bestqool takes the concerns of safety from various design matters, including cooling systems, being free of EMFs, accurate control of treatment duration, and so on.

What you need should not be just an effective red light therapy device, but a reliable guarantee of your health you can trust. With a three-year warranty for all Bestqool products, Bestqool’s promise shows our determination to ensure your success of therapy and the better user experiences of red light therapy at home for our clients.

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