Why you should join Maxim88 online casino’s VIP program

Why you should join Maxim88 online casino’s VIP program

For great games, great entertainment and great services, Maxim88 online casino is the top choice for all Malaysian online casino fans. Maxim88 online casino serves as a reliable platform for all Malaysian online casino fans to gain access to a ton of high quality online content ranging from slot machines, live tables with live dealers, arcade games that involve fishing, racing and even sports betting.

Maxim88 Malaysia is the number one choice for online casino fans

The reason why Maxim88 is the top rated online casino Malaysia that receives overwhelmingly positive reviews from all fans in Malaysia is due to the fact that they are an online casino that runs a responsible and trusted online gaming platform. The Maxim88 online casino team prioritizes safety, reliability and efficiency above all else when building this online gaming platform, the abundance and variety of content available to be accessed via the Maxim88 platform is but a bonus feature. The truth of the current online casino industry is that cheaters and scammers are abundant, Maxim88 online casino eliminates all these negative factors through official validation, certification and firewall plus encryption features that protect the information and privacy of all of their members. This is the main reason why after nearly a decade, Maxim88 online casino still managed to maintain their position as the number online casino in Malaysia.

What is the Maxim88 online casino VIP program?

When signing up for Maxim88 online casino a player is given a regular account with no cost and no hidden charges. However, the newly registered Maxim88 player is given the choice to upgrade their Maxim88 regular account into a VIP account if they choose to meet the deposit requirement. The reason behind upgrading into a VIP account at Maxim88 online casino instead of staying as a regular account is that a VIP account will get to receive a handful of additional benefits from the online casino, more bonuses, more promotions, less withdrawal requirements and of course, priority seats to services and events hosted by Maxim88 online casino team. This is not to say that the services received by a regular member at Maxim88 online casino is limited, the truth is far from that. All Maxim88 members can access the entirety of Maxim88 online casino’s content and services with no limitations. It is a fair and equal online gaming platform where everyone gets to enjoy themselves however they wish.

Maxim88 VIP program tiers

Within the VIP program there exists tiers in which Maxim88 members can be in. The classic tier is the lowest tier in the VIP program, it is signified by a plain red Maxim88 VIP card, next comes Silver and then Gold, Platinum and Crockford, the black and highest VIP card offered by Maxim88 online casino. Of course, the amount of benefits received by each tier in the VIP program differs from each other, as well as the requirements that have to be met by the player in order to upgrade their Maxim88 account into said VIP tier. In this article we will go through the requirements of each VIP tier as well as the benefits that members can receive from the VIP program.

Exclusive benefits when claiming bonuses

VIP members at Maxim88 online casino can have access to exclusive benefits from claiming promotions and bonuses offered by Maxim88 online casino. For example, a VIP member at Maxim88 can receive more cash rebates from the Maxim88 weekly or daily reload bonus. The VIP member will also get to enjoy lesser turnover requirements from claiming these bonuses as well. More information on VIP member benefits when claiming promotions and bonuses is available at the Maxim88 promotions page.

Priority in queues

At Maxim88 online casino there exists a queue for online casino members when going through the deposit and withdrawal process. A VIP member, however, will get to skip the queue and receive priority when they request to make a deposit or a withdrawal from their Maxim88 online casino account. Gold tier VIP members and above will always be placed first in the queue no matter when they try to make payment or withdraw funds.

Higher transaction limit

Higher stakes, higher wagers and higher transaction limits are all benefits that only VIP members at Maxim88 casino online Malaysia get to enjoy. For example, the maximum limit per transaction for a VIP member at Maxim88 online casino regardless of tier is 50K MYR consistently for everyone that partake in this program. The daily withdrawal limit as well as the daily transaction counts for each VIP member at Maxim88 are also higher than a regular member, and it will get higher as the VIP member upgrades their VIP tier from 50K in Classic tier to unlimited at Crockford tier.

How to join the Maxim88 online casino VIP program

As mentioned before, there is a minimum deposit requirement to be met before a Maxim88 member can become a VIP at this reputable online gaming platform, and this minimum deposit requirement differs depending on what tier in the VIP program the member is interested in. For example, if a member is interested in joining the classic VIP tier at Maxim88 online casino, a minimum deposit requirement of 50K MYR has to be met on a monthly basis. Failure to do so will result in termination from the VIP program, the member does however get to keep the account only that it is demoted into a regular Maxim88 account. As the VIP tier increases, so does the minimum deposit requirement, with Silver tier being at 150K MYR, Gold tier being at 500K MYR and Platinum tier being at 800K MYR. The Crockford tier however, is a special VIP tier that only the most loyal of VIP members recognized by Maxim88 online casino can join via invitation only.

For more information on the VIP program exclusively at Maxim88 online casino, visit the Maxim88 VIP page at their official site or use the Maxim88 online casino app to find out more about what kind of services and benefits Maxim88 has to offer to all of their members.

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