Evolution by stock market game

Evolution by stock market game

The simulator of stock market evolution immerses you in the colorful world of financial markets. This game will turn any player into an investor, seeking success and prosperity in a world full of stocks, bonds and other financial instruments. Therefore, all decisions to be made should be based only on data analysis, trend forecasting and risk management. Can start with small investments and gradually expand portfolio and grow capital. Here you can learn while enjoying yourself with a unique experience provided by the game.

How to play Stock Market: description, symbols, special features

This game is about guessing what the value of shares will become when the session is over compared to their original price. All this happens live as HSC determines prices for securities. In case of failure no losses are incurred; the player looses part of value. Finally, the winner gets a prize that is equal to 0.01-2 times from bet amount; though players may cash out their winnings provided that they pay 1% fee for it being done while making bets at betting company’s website (although it must be added here that one will not be allowed to change their bet until the end of game session). On average there may occur a return-to-player ratio (RTP) which is equal to 99%.

Symbols used in the game :

  • Reels contain stock pictures as well as logos of companies which represent them.
  • Relevant quotes and charts concerning finance markets.
  • There are diagrams in combinations of winning symbols that can give additional winnings or bonuses.

Special features used in the game:

  • Utilize analytical tools to forecast trends thus making sound decisions.
  • Stay tuned for financial news and respond to events influencing markets.
  • Create your own trading approaches and test them out.
  • Beginners get training materials plus simulators on this topic…

Features of Stock Market Slot

In this slot you will find several features that are unique and make the gameplay more fun-filled and addictive.

The Stock Market is a slot with a theme from the financial world and it has symbols like stocks, bonds, dollar signs and stock charts. This creates a feel of actual trading in the stock market.

Unique images on the reels include different types of financial instruments as well as symbols depicting different investment and trading related concepts.

Exciting bonus rounds relating to stock market trade. Players can improve their decision making skills, data analysis techniques, risk handling strategies among others to increase payouts.

Dynamic and addictive game play that will give players a sense of being involved in a real auction.

The Stock Market has elements of both risk and reward. Players must be good managers of their investments in order to minimize losses while maximizing profits.

Appearance and Interface – Stock Market

This platform’s appearance is important for ensuring comfortable user experience.

Machine characteristics:

  • Modern design – The look corresponds to the topic of stock trading using charts and symbols.
  • Interface – Buttons for betting direction (Up or Down) as well as Cashout button for portfolio management by player.
  • Graphs/charts design- Charts are centrally located so that you can see price changes happening live.

Additional functions- On top right hand side there are buttons for volume control besides other settings options plus page refresh alternatives.

Mobile compatibility – the platform works not only on PCs but also on mobile devices thus offering maximum flexibility and convenience to users. Using mobile application one will be able to trade from any place at any time convenient for himself/herself.


High return rate & broad range of winnings; chance to get a big amount of money.

Game accessibility.

Market is available 24/7 from various countries worldwide. It is open starting from minimum bet which makes it affordable for a wide range customers.


Limited interaction with other users. This game has limited capacity for such purposes unlike some other online games that allow players to interact.

In most of these slots, a player depends much on luck rather than following an elaborate strategy.

Therefore there is a risk that you may lose the money you have invested here.

Generally speaking, the game is an excellent way to have fun and learn about investments and trading in financial markets.

Calculation of a Player’s Winnings or Losses

Calculations of winning or losing are always interesting to know and often raise questions among people. Let us understand how these calculations happen and what factors influence them.

Algorithms and Probabilities: The basic things used in calculation are algorithms which determine how often a player can win as well as the amount. For instance, this probability represents the chances of getting a winning combination within certain spins.

The probability that you will hit a winning combination depends on many factors like number of symbols appearing on reels, properties they possess (for instance wild symbols), pay lines’ number etc.

The implications of the stake on the gains. In general, the higher a wager is, the more one can earn from it. However, it also increases the risk of losing. It is important to strike a balance between your bet’s size and your bankroll to manage your risks.

Calculations in real time These are live processes calculated with HSC that guarantee fairness as well as rule out any manipulation.

Bank Roll Management A player should know his or her financial boundaries before starting any game and during its course. This will give an opportunity not to lose a lot and enjoy playing.

Betting phase prior to next trading session

In Stock Market each round consists of 2 main stages:

  • betting phase
  • trading session

During the first stage, bidders have 15 seconds for placing their bets. During this time they can choose one of two positions: Up or Down on the stock price. The player has also got an option to change his/her bet by shifting it into opposite position, adding some extra assets into its portfolio or withdrawing cash. When there are investments in their portfolio they are automatically used for betting on a certain position. If there is no money in the portfolio, then bets will be placed from themain account and results credited or debited accordingly.The user may withdraw money back to balance if he/she does not want to place a bet but at that point he/she should bear in mind that withdrawal commission constitutes 1% from withdrawn sum.

While at stage two users watch frame with dynamics of shares prices completing charting process.Finally, stock price determined after which determines whether you win or loose.How much you win/lose.

Withdrawal or Cash Out

Withdrawal of funds process is a very crucial if the player wants to receive a payout or simply monitor his game balance.

Process of withdrawal:

Selecting from available options like bank transfer, e-wallets or other payment systems supported by game platform as withdrawal methods is the first step.

The sum that will be withdrawn from your gaming account must be specified.

When he has specified the amount, the player approves his withdrawal request.

Platform processes withdrawal request.

Funds are transferred to an account indicated by a user after successful processing of the application for withdrawing money.

Mobile Version on Stock Market

Modern technology in today’s world had made it possible for mobile devices to become part and parcel of our day-to-day lives. There is a mobile version of Stock Market provided by its developers. Pros/Cons:

Accessibility and flexibility

Main options- access to market data, price charts, opening and closing positions and management of game balance. Adapting for smartphones makes it easier for their use in mobile versions.

Multimedia and interactive capabilities – audio and video content, interactive diagrams

and animations.

Security – using advanced encryption technologies to protect personal information during operations with all types of assets on global markets.

How do I play on my phone?

It would be better for you to play from your phone due to this convenient version of the game on mobiles than via PC devices where you suffer immensely playing through them.Here are several easy steps that will help you start:

Start with downloading the official Stock Market app from your device’s app store.

Authenticate yourself or Sign Up.

After logging into Stock Market Mobile Version, get yourself familiar with its interface.

If you are new in the game or want to refresh your memory begin with training section which provided usually in mobile version of “Stock Market”.

Before beginning playing choose what strategy you’ll follow.

Once bets are placed, watch the results and analyze your actions.

Where can I play Stock Market with real money?

Stock Market is a combination of financial simulator and game that often fascinates its players with its thrilling atmosphere and opportunity to make financial decisions. You can play a stimulator for real money:

PIN – UP casino’s site designed in retro style provides players with popular online games, attractive bonus system, the highest security measures.

1 WIN is one of the most famous online casinos having a lot of various games on modern platform as well as offering possibilities to place bets on sport events or stock market.

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