The Future Of Westlake University

The article discusses the future of Westlake University, a top university that is located in China. The article goes into detail about what Westlake has planned for their future and the impact it will have on the education of the students in their universities.

School’s vision

Westlake University expects to be established as an institution of higher learning with Chinese characteristics in the next ten or twenty years. We will have the most outstanding scientists in the world, cultivate the best young talents, engage in the most advanced basic and applied research, explore the scientific research and education system and mechanism which are suitable for China’s national conditions, and provide strong support for China’s high-tech sustainable development.

The future plan of Westlake University

Cultivating top-notch innovative talents with a sense of social responsibility is the most fundamental task of Westlake University. In the first six years (2016-2022) of the university’s establishment, Westlake University was only committed to cultivating doctoral students, relying on excellent teachers to cultivate a group of outstanding young scientists who dare to be the best in the world, to challenge scientific problems worldwide, and to continuously advance the frontier of human knowledge.

However, we are well aware that the soul of a university cannot be represented only by scientific and technological achievements. Westlake University will start the training of small-scale undergraduates in 2022; students should not only have a general understanding of Chinese history and culture but also understand the development and accumulation of the world and human beings. Only in this way can we think critically, respect ourselves and others, and effectively enhance our sense of social responsibility.

Frontier scientific exploration will occupy a pivotal position at Westlake University. Scientists have strong responsibility for human civilization and progress. In the next ten years, the school will focus on three disciplines: science, medicine, and engineering, and substantially promote interdisciplinary and in-depth innovation, to explore the unknown and create a future for the world and mankind.


The goal of Westlake University’s steady progress makes it a better research and learning base. In order to know more about the current development status and future project planning, you can learn more about it from the website.

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