The New Normal: Why More People Are Opting to Buy Health Insurance Online

The New Normal: Why More People Are Opting to Buy Health Insurance Online

In our country, access to the internet used to be scarce at one point in time. With the advent of Digital India in 2015, more and more people have been able to gain access the internet at an affordable price. This has changed a lot of purchase behaviours and customer trends in our country during the last few years. Given this transformative era of digital transformation, the way we approach everything has undergone a massive change. One of them is the increasing trend of people opting to buy health insurance online.

In this blog post, we at Chola Health Insurance discuss the reasons for this shift and the benefits that of buying health insurance online.

The convenience factor:

Life has become very fast-paced today and this requires solutions that align with the level of efficiency and ease as well. Especially in a post-COVID world, the number of people moving to online avenues of purchase has only increased. Similarly, the number of people who prefer to buy health insurance online has seen a general upward curve over the years. And why not?

  • The whole process is completed in a matter of a few clicks.
  • You can open multiple tabs online and compare your options easily as opposed to going to each and every prospective insurance provider in person.
  • You can research side-by-side across the internet in order to make informed decisions.
  • All of this happens with just a device and internet connection, anytime, anywhere.

Easy Comparison:

Further breaking down one of the points mentioned above, the option to buy health insurance online is a big boon. Each insurance provider gives you relevant information about the policies they offer, the coverage and benefits of the same, etc. The process is clear and simple – you buy health insurance online in a matter of a few steps.

Quick turnaround time:

Probably the biggest advantage when you buy health insurance online – is the turnaround time of receiving quotes and approvals. This is in complete contrast to the traditional method which is a lot of paperwork and waiting time.

Personalized and Tailored Plans:

You should buy health insurance on online platforms as they often employ advanced algorithms and customization features that allow users to create tailor-made plans as per their requirements.

Digital Documentation and Accessibility:

Instead of having all the physical paperwork, you can access all policy and policy-related documents digitally. You can lose a piece of paper, but these documents will be stored in your insurance portfolio at all times. This also helps us move towards a paper-free society.

Increased Competition and Cost Efficiency:

With different insurance providers available mere clicks and tabs away, the providers have their fair share of healthy competition cut out for them. This in turn results in competitive premiums and additional benefits for you, the customer.

Buying health insurance online is moving beyond the ‘new normal’ now and becoming a common thing. But we have to appreciate the fundamental shift in how individuals cater to their healthcare requirements. It will be interesting to see how insurance companies will take this a step further in the future and increase the efficiency of the process. At Chola Health Insurance, we strive to streamline online processes to enable a hassle-free and convenient experience. Through the online world, it is not possible to find a policy that’s suitable and affordable.

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