Why Pets Need Their Own Space

If you love animals, you’ve likely seen a variety of pet shelters available. From birdhouses to cat beds to dog houses, there are many ways you can give your pet the space it deserves. Just like you have your home and your private bedroom, it’s vital that your animals also have their designated spots. Even if you like having your pet close by when you sleep, here are some reasons why you should ensure they have their own designated spot and not just sleep at the foot of your bed.


Most animals are territorial to a degree, and their territory usually starts with their sleeping space. If there are several animals in the home, having a general spot for each animal may help them feel more at ease. Or if the animals are closely connected, they can have their shared territorial space where they can all sleep and play together. If you buy a large enough animal pen, you can fit several animals in at one time, such as those from Clearly Loved Pets.


Sleeping with your pets may activate your allergies. Even if you don’t have an allergy to pet dander, it can still get in your nose or sinuses, which can make sleep uncomfortable. What if you have a partner who’s not particularly eager to have animals in bed? Be fair to your significant other and give your fur babies their spot to sleep in. After all, your partner may have developed an allergy without realizing it.

Retreat Spot

An animal pen isn’t just a place for your pets to sleep at night. They may want to take naps or relax throughout the day. After all, sometimes your pets need a break too. When you have company over and your pet is relatively shy, don’t be surprised if they retreat. If they have their own spot, they can always retreat from busy activities that may overstimulate them. It can reduce any anxiety and stop bad reactions.

Sleep Patterns

Be aware of the different sleep patterns some animals have. For example, guinea pigs tend to be nocturnal animals, as well as cats. It’s no secret that a cat will spend most of the day sleeping, but comes alive at night. While dogs are very active compared to other animals, they may need their naps throughout the day, especially after walking time. Plus, if you have a puppy, it may need more quiet sleep time than an adolescent dog.

As you can see, your pets need their own designated space. Whether you place it indoors or outdoors, having a designated spot for animals to sleep, nap, retreat, and play in is essential to their sense of safety, territory, and happiness. Plus, you may not want to share your bed with anyone other than your partner.

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