The most detailed and simple explanation of soccer betting odds for newbies

The most detailed and simple explanation of soccer betting odds for newbies

Many people who are new to online soccer betting at the present time need it soccer odds explained detailed, simple. This can be said to be the core concept that any bettor must understand to be able to bet effectively. That’s why in the following article, we would like to explain in detail to you how soccer betting odds are calculated?

General introduction to soccer betting odds

Soccer odds are a familiar concept in the field of sports betting, especially soccer.

How are soccer betting odds calculated?

Odds are calculated based on the likelihood of an outcome occurring in a match. Bookmakers will offer different odds for possible outcomes, from which players will bet on the outcome they think is most likely to happen.

For example, in a match between team A and team B, bookmakers will offer odds for different outcomes such as: team A wins, team B wins or the match is a draw. This ratio will change depending on factors such as the head-to-head record between the two teams, the strength of the players, position on the rankings and the starting lineup…

The importance of soccer betting odds

According to the interpretation of soccer odds by many experts, this is an important factor in deciding to bet and win. Bettors need to understand the concepts and research carefully before betting to ensure the safety and effectiveness of betting.

Common types of soccer betting odds

At the present time, the leading and most reputable bookmakers such as New88 always provides players with many different types of soccer odds, however in terms of popularity, the following 3 types of odds are always at the top, which are: Asian soccer odds, Asian odds Europe and over/under odds.

Asian soccer betting odds

Asian odds are commonly used in Asian tournaments and are calculated based on assessing the difference between two teams. The bookmaker will assign one team to be the home team and one team to be the away team. Depending on the strength of the home team and the away team, the bookmaker will give an odds for each team. For example, if the home team is considered weaker than the away team, they will be handicapped by a certain number of goals. Conversely, if the home team is stronger, the odds will be in favor of the away team.

When explaining Asian football odds to newbies, we realize that these odds have the advantage of bringing fairness to the bet. Furthermore, when betting in this form, bettors will have more options than with other forms of betting.

European odds

European odds are a popular form of betting in football, especially in major tournaments such as World Cup, Euro, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A… An explanation of European football odds Simply put, this is a type of bet that is calculated based on the probability of the match outcome, including 3 main results: win, draw and loss.

Specifically, a match between two teams will have 3 possible outcomes: the home team wins, the away team wins or the two teams draw. This odds will reflect the probability of each outcome and expressed as a percentage or decimal rate.

For example, if the European odds for the match between Manchester United and Chelsea are 1.80 – 3.50 – 4.00, then the home team Manchester United is considered the stronger team and has the highest winning odds of 1.80. The draw rate is 3.50 and the loss rate for away team Chelsea is 4.00.

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Over/under odds

The name “over/under” comes from betting on the total number of goals in the match. Players can bet on the total number of goals being greater (over) or less (under) than a specific rate provided by the bookmaker.

Over/under bets can also be applied to the first or second half of a match. Thus, bettors can bet on the total number of goals that will be scored in half of the match instead of the entire match.

This bet is calculated based on the final result of the match. The bookmaker will offer a specific rate and players can bet on the number of goals they believe will be scored in the match. These ratios are usually provided in formats like 0-0.5, 0.5-1, 1-1.5 and so on. Odds 0-0.5, for example, mean that if the match has at least one goal scored, the bettor wins. Meanwhile, the odds of 1-1.5 mean that if at least two goals are scored, the bettor will win.

In addition to the popular betting types mentioned above, currently, in order to bring a diverse soccer betting experience to players, many large bookmakers such asNew88 also provides other types of odds such as: penalty card bets, corner kick bets, throw-in bets, player bets…

Factors affecting soccer betting odds

Soccer betting odds are not a fixed number, but can change due to many different factors. Here are some important factors that affect soccer betting odds:

Team performance

The performance of the two teams is an important factor affecting the odds in football matches. When a team is in good form, the odds for that team will increase because players judge that team has a greater chance of winning. On the contrary, when a team is in poor form or is having trouble with injuries or formation, the odds for that team will decrease because bettors evaluate that team as having a lower chance of winning.

Player injury situation

A player’s injury situation is an important factor affecting the outcome of a football match, and can therefore affect the player’s betting. If a team is missing one or more key players due to injury, that team’s chances of winning will decrease significantly. On the contrary, if the opposing team has a lot of injuries, the team you choose to bet on has a better chance of winning.


The starting lineup is an important factor and affects football betting odds. Whether a team launches a strong or weak lineup will play an important part in determining this factor. If a team comes out with a strong squad, full of key players and good form, the odds for that team will increase.

On the contrary, if a team plays with a weaker squad, missing key players or players who are not in good form, the odds for the opposing team will increase. In addition, the teams’ starting lineup will also reflect the style of play they intend to use in that match.

Why should bettors learn soccer odds?

Bettors learning about odds can bring many important benefits during the betting process. Understanding the odds will help bettors make the right decisions when betting, minimizing risks and increasing the likelihood of achieving higher profits.

Make more reasonable betting decisions

First, learning about odds will help bettors evaluate the probability of the betting outcome. Odds often change from time to time and this change may reflect new information about current events related to the match. Understanding the odds helps bettors make reasonable decisions about how to bet.

Find a reputable bookmaker

Learning about odds also helps bettors better understand how bookmakers work and helps them make smart decisions about choosing a bookmaker to bet on. If bettors know how to read and understand odds, they will be able to choose a bookmaker with more attractive and reliable odds. The reason why many bettors regularly visitNew88 To see today’s soccer odds, it’s because this bookmaker always offers very attractive and stable odds.

Soccer betting odds are an important concept that anyone participating in soccer betting needs to know. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in the field, understanding the odds will help you make smart decisions and optimize your chances of winning. Hopefully after reading this article, you will have more knowledge and understanding to apply to your soccer betting. Wish you good luck and success!

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