Instructions on how to deal phom cards with ultimate fraud

Instructions on how to deal phom cards with ultimate fraud

Phom is a card game that is extremely familiar to our brothers. However, many people still don’t know how to deal phom cards to win big. The article is below 789BET will help you know how Fraudulent phom card dealer top notch, hit it hard. Please read it through.

The most accurate way to divide phom cards into 3 phoms

Unlike other types of cards, phom is not a game that relies heavily on luck, but instead, players need experience and skill. Therefore, players who know how to deal phom cards fraudulently can win money in a simple way.

One of the ways that phom players often cheat is by dividing the cards into 3 phoms. Specifically, the implementation will be as follows:

Shuffle the trick cards accurately:

To divide the phom cards to get 3 phoms correctly, the player needs to arrange the cards in the correct order. A game will have 4 players. When you are given the right to deal and receive the first card, arrange the cards to form phom. Let’s sort it y-x-x-x-y…. That means, when the first card is dealt to you, that card will be the first phom. Then deal the cards all round, the 5th card will return to your hand, that card will be the 2nd phom. Just arrange like that, when you have dealt 9 cards to other players and 10 cards to yourself. then you stop. With this method, when you play your cards, you will definitely have 3 phoms in your hand.

However, to use this way of playing, you must have the technique of arranging and dealing cards quickly, so that they match as closely as possible. It certainly won’t be easy, so you have to practice carefully.

How to deal phom cards fraudulently – Passing cards

This is also a good way to divide phom, also known as co card. With this way of dealing cards, the player will deal as usual, but try to find a way to get the cards as desired. You can put the cards you want on the bottom. Then, when it’s your turn to deal, use your finger to quickly push the bottom card instead of dealing yourself the first card.

With this way of dealing cards, players will be able to operate more easily, quickly and with less effort in arranging. With this way of playing cards, you just need to be quicker and more alert to avoid being detected.

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How to draw the middle card

Dealing cards in the middle is a very difficult dealing technique. To perform these skills, players need to be really skillful and skillful in dealing cards. Like shuffling cards, you also have to practice a lot.

How to deal phom cards fraudulently – Tattoo cards

Tattooing cards is actually a form of marking on the back of the cards. During the process of dealing cards, if you see marked cards, you must find a way to deal them correctly in their positions. Just like the previous ways of dealing cards, you must be very careful and quick to avoid being detected by your opponents.

Tips for playing 100 games and 100 wins

With the fraudulent way of dealing phom cards, players can win money from the whole village if they master the skills. However, if you play and buzz continuously, you will definitely be suspected. Therefore, in addition to dealing tricks, you should apply the following tips:

  • Maintain a stable mentality to observe, understand the situation and take the most accurate actions.
  • Sentence: This is a method often used by experts. For example, if you need a 6 of diamonds to win, sacrifice another 6 to catch a 6 of diamonds for yourself.
  • Observe your opponent: Remember the cards that have been played because the card you need may be among the cards that have been played. In addition, observe your opponent’s gestures, maybe they are also using tricks to play cards.


Cheating ways to deal phom cards and tips conveyed from experienced experts  789BET sent to you in the article above.

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