The cricket team that represented a car factory

The cricket team that represented a car factory

In Pakistan it was possible to find lots of cricket teams that represented companies and other sectors of the economy of the country. To make your bet with 1xBet you need to visit the site and explore the section dedicated to the sport, which also has matches from Pakistan.

One of the teams in question was called the Pakistan Automobiles Corporation. This squad represented a company of the same name, and was known as PACO as well. The team had a relatively brief existence, which occurred between 1983 and 1994. However, in that relatively brief period of time, they were able to obtain some surprisingly good results. This even included winning some trophies. You can make your bet with the 1xBet bookmaker now, and take advantage of all the possibilities offered in Pakistani cricket.

Participating on many domestic competitions

In Pakistan there are many cricket competitions. Several variations of the game are played on them. Examples are One-Day Internationals, first-class, List A, and many others. Regardless of the variation being played, it is possible to visit to wager on all of them.

More specifically, the PACC participated in competitions like:

  • the Patron’s Trophy;
  • the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy;
  • and the Pentangular Trophy.

The participation of this team in those tournaments was actually quite good. In fact, they were able to claim the trophy once on the Patron’s Trophy, and also once on the Pentangular Trophy. Both titles were claimed during the 1980s. The 1xBet bookmaker also has lots of opportunities for punters to start wagering on these competitions.

Some great players

Of course, obtaining such trophies would have been impossible without some great players. The PACC had many of them across their history. Probably one of the most illustrious names of this squad is Shahid Mahboob. He was the captain of the squad during the golden era of the team, where they won the aforementioned two trophies. The stream India live kabaddi on 1xBet can be watched at any moment, and on this section there are also cricket matches available.

Yahya Toor was another illustrious player of the squad. He actually played on it across its entire existence. He was crucial in helping the team to win its trophies.

The PACC played a total of 83 first-class matches. In them, the squad achieved 20 wins, 42 draws and 21 losses. While there were some teams with better numbers, this side still managed to win those two incredible trophies. The 1xBet India website has live kabaddi streams and also instances to bet on Pakistani and Indian cricket.

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