Take A Tour on Hovsco Foldable Electric Bikes

Take A Tour on Hovsco Foldable Electric Bikes

Hovsco’s electric bikes provide an excellent solution for people needing to travel around town but who don’t have much space. Hovsco folding bicycle can folded up and stored away easily in small spaces.

This bike comes equipped with an easily installable rear tire and pedals with clear instructions on how to assemble them (counterclockwise for left pedal, clockwise for right pedal). Furthermore, there’s also a quick release lever for the battery pack.


No matter if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint or simply needing to get around town more efficiently, an ebike from hovsco may be just what’s needed. Equipped with efficient electric motors and user-friendly components like Samsung/LG 48V 15Ah lithium-ion batteries that provide up to 40 miles of ride range in either pedal assist mode or pure electric mode, they provide powerful and user-friendly ride experiences.

This high-step frame makes mounting and dismounting easier, while its LCD digital panel displays important information such as speed, battery level, odometer readings and pedal assist level. Furthermore, using the Hovsco app you can sync your ebike, register its warranty and unlock its speed limit.

Once folded down, the HovBeta folds easily to fit in most trunks or entryways of apartments or office buildings – perfect for deliveries or emergency situations! This bicycle makes a convenient transport choice.

Outdoor Adventures

Hovsco offers an impressive lineup of powerful, durable, and versatile electric bikes designed specifically to tackle rugged terrain. Their latest model, the HovBeta is an easy step-through electric bike equipped with 4″ fat tires and front suspension that folds up for convenient transport and storage.

HovBeta features an upgraded brushless gear motor capable of producing 750W, offering plenty of power for climbing hills and covering long rides. Furthermore, its lithium ion battery packs 720 watt-hours of energy to give up to 60 miles of riding range.

HovBeta connects wirelessly with smartphones via Bluetooth and the Hovsco app, enabling riders to easily track ride stats and see where they rank among other riders who use the app. You also receive real-time feedback on speed, battery level and pedal assist settings through its bright LCD digital command center – and enjoy bug-free functionality that integrates perfectly with its LCD digital command center! The Hovsco app offers intuitive and bug-free functionality which seamlessly integrates with LCD digital command centers providing seamless functionality and seamless functionality between them and bikes allowing seamless functionality between them both.

Nighttime Adventures

HOVSCO is a relatively recent player on the e-bike market, having entered in 2019. Their impressive range of e-bikes offer relaxing and powerful rides without stress or strain.

Hovsco ebikes feature comfortable frame designs with built-in suspension forks, using quality components like SUTTO motors for power. This enables riders to cover long distances without running out of battery power.

Hovsco ebikes feature front and rear lights to increase visibility on the road, along with an LCD display offering helpful information such as pedal assist, speed, distance traveled, trip distance travelled and odometer readings. In addition, Bluetooth phone connectivity enables riders to track ride stats with friends and family; Hovsco mountain e-bikes offer off-road enthusiasts another alternative with Class 3 speeds reaching 28mph – much faster than what standard versions can achieve!


HOVSCO is a relatively new player on the e-bike scene, having launched in 2019. Since then, they have created an innovative range of powerful yet comfortable electric bikes suitable for commuters, adventure enthusiasts and casual riders alike.

HovBeta Step-Thru electric bikes are an outstanding example of versatility for city riding or off-road exploration, featuring four-inch fat tires, front suspension fork, and an incredible 750W motor to conquer even the roughest terrain.

This e-bike can reach 20mph in class 2 mode, which should be sufficient for most riders. Furthermore, using the Hovsco app you can unlock its pedal assist speed of 28 mph!

This bicycle features an LCD digital display which displays essential ride information such as speed, pedal assist level and odometer readings. Additionally, there is an integrated headlight and rear reflector to increase visibility during low light conditions.

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