Rules of  playing Baccarat online : Detailed instructions for newbies

Rules of playing Baccarat online Quite simple and not difficult to learn. If you want to win, you must firmly grasp the basic information about how to play. Specifically, please refer to the content shared by New88 below.

Baccarat online – Basic information you need to know

Baccarat online is an online game developed from the traditional type and appears in casinos. This game has existed for a long time and has been included by bookmakers in the game system on their betting websites. Actually l playing Baccarat online Not much different from participating in a real-life casino. The obvious difference is that you no longer have to go directly to the casino anymore.

You just need to have a smart device in your hand such as a phone, computer, or laptop. At the same time, ensure a stable internet connection so you can easily participate in the game anytime, anywhere. In addition,  playing Baccarat online is safer than playing directly at casinos. Because bettors do not need to show their faces and are always guaranteed to be fair when playing at a reputable house. In addition, with high security, player accounts will be absolutely safe.

Besides, the payout rate at reputable betting websites like New88 is very high, beneficial for bettors. That’s why the number of people participating in the game is increasing. If you are looking for an online game for entertainment, Baccarat online is an extremely suitable suggestion.

What are the  Rules of  playing Baccarat online ?

 Rules of  playing Baccarat online is the first factor that gamers need to grasp when participating in the game. According to those who have experienced it, the rules of this game are not difficult.

About how to bet

According to online Baccarat rules ,Each participant will place a bet on one of two doors. That is the player and the banker. If the side you bet on wins, you will win the entire bet.

About how to deal cards

 Rules of  playing Baccarat online  Use a deck of 52 cards. At the same time, the cards are divided equally between both sides. The first and third cards belong to the player, while the 2nd and 4th cards are dealt to the banker.

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Specific rules for players when drawing cards

After the cards have been dealt to both sides, the dealer will begin calculating the points and continue to draw cards based on that. For the player’s side, depending on the total score of the two cards, it will continue as follows:

  • If your score is between 0 – 5, you can draw 1 more card.
  • In case the score is from 6 to 7, there will be no further withdrawal right.
  • When reaching 8 – 9 points, the possibility of winning is extremely high and there is no need to draw additional cards.

Specific card drawing rules for the house

For bookies, according to Rules of  playing Baccarat online  The way to calculate points to draw more cards will be quite different. As follows:

  • If the score is between 0 – 2, the dealer can draw 1 more card.
  • When the total of two cards is 3, the decision will be based on which card the player draws. If the player draws an 8, the banker cannot draw any more. When the player draws a card other than 8, the dealer can draw a third card.
  • When the dealer has 4 points and the player draws cards from 2 – 7, the banker can draw the 3rd card. If the player draws cards other than those in the above range, the banker cannot continue to draw.
  • In case there are 5 points and the player draws cards 4 to 7, the dealer can draw more. But if the player cannot draw the above cards, the dealer is forced to stop at 2 cards.
  • When the dealer has 6 points and the player draws a 6 or 7, the dealer can draw a third card.
  • Once you have 7 points, the banker cannot withdraw more. Having 8 – 9 points means you have won without needing the 3rd card.

 Rules of  playing Baccarat online  – How to determine winners and losers

For online Baccarat rules ,Determining win or loss is not complicated. After all the cards have been dealt and drawn, the side with a score close to 9 or 9 points is the winner. Calculate points for cards as follows:

  • For Ace cards, 1 point will be counted.
  • Cards from 2 to 9 have points equivalent to the values ​​written on each card.
  • The first cards J, Q, K are 10.
  • If the total score has two digits, the number of units will be used to calculate.


General Rules of  playing Baccarat online It’s not as difficult as many people think. If there are still any unclear points, please join hereNew88 to practice more fluently. When experiencing the game at the house, you also have the opportunity to win valuable prizes. So don’t delay and quickly register an account today!

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