Elevate Your Bathroom Experience with Excellence: Unveiling the HOROW T0338W-10, a Masterpiece of Innovation

In the world of bathroom fixtures, the HOROW T0338W-10 stands tall as a testament to innovation, comfort, and efficiency. Let’s explore why this model is considered one of the best Horow toilets, unraveling its exceptional features that promise to redefine your bathroom experience.

  1. ADA Compliant Height for Optimal Comfort

The T0338W-10 is designed with your comfort in mind. Its ADA-compliant height ensures easy sitting down and standing up, catering to users of all ages. This thoughtful feature promotes accessibility, making your bathroom experience more inclusive and enjoyable.

  1. Elongated Bowl Design for Extra Room and Comfort

Enjoy an enhanced level of comfort with the T0338W-10’s elongated bowl design. Offering extra room and ergonomic shaping, this feature not only adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom but also ensures a comfortable and relaxing experience every time you use the toilet.

  1. Dual Flush System with MAP Score 1000 Grams

The T0338W-10 takes water efficiency and flushing power to the next level with its dual flush system. Choose between a partial flush (0.8 GPF) for liquid waste and a full flush (1.28 GPF) for solid waste. This intelligent water-saving design, coupled with an impressive MAP score of 1000 grams, ensures both environmental sustainability and powerful waste removal.

  1. Clean Lines and Skirted Trapway for Simplified Cleaning

Cleaning your bathroom just got easier. The T0338W-10 features clean lines and a skirted trapway, reducing nooks and crannies where dirt and grime can accumulate. This streamlined design not only adds a modern touch to your bathroom but also simplifies the cleaning process, saving you time and effort.


In conclusion, the HOROW T0338W-10 is not just a toilet; it’s a masterpiece that combines thoughtful design, water-saving technology, and easy maintenance. Elevate your bathroom experience with this exceptional Horow toilet, where comfort, efficiency, and innovation converge to create a space that truly reflects your commitment to quality and style.

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