Revealing How to Play Checkers Simple and Easy to Understand for Beginners

Draught board This is information that many people are looking for. Furthermore, according to experienced players, the game has relatively simple and easy-to-understand rules. In the article below, goal123 will carefully research with you the origin and how to play.

What is Checker?

Before researching draught board, we will review basic information about the game. Accordingly, checkers or Checker is a strategy game on the table, fighting genre for 2 people. In the game, the two sides will take turns moving identical pieces diagonally and find opportunities to capture the opponent’s pieces by jumping over them.

In origin, Checker was developed from the Alquerque flag. The game is very popular in Western countries. It is said that it first appeared between the 15th and 18th centuries and gradually became popular. To play, gamers need to prepare a 10×10 (international standard), 8×8 or 12×12 table. This is a square table with alternating white and colored squares. You can even use it with a Chess table because it has a similar structure.

Based on the type of table chosen, gamers will have to prepare different numbers of troops. In particular, the 8×8 set will have 24 pieces, divided into 2 colors, 12 pieces on each side.

Instructions on how to play checkers

Although it is not a very popular game in Vietnam, many people are learning about it draught board. Especially people who like fighting games, mind games between two people. Below are detailed instructions for you to experience this type for yourself:

Start the game

In draught board, before starting the game, gamers need to arrange the Checker table. Accordingly, the table must be placed between the two players so that the last square on the right of the row closest to each person will be white or a lighter color. Each person needs to take turns placing their 12 pieces in the 12 dark squares in the first 3 rows, closest to themselves.

Thus, each row will have a total of 4 pieces and the 2 rows in the middle of the board will be left empty. After arranging the table, both sides will rock, paper, scissors or toss a coin to determine who goes first. This person will take the black piece and the opponent must keep the white piece.

In addition, in order for the Checker game to take place quickly, both sides should decide in advance the maximum time allowed to move each piece. According to international law, each person has a maximum of 5 minutes to move, but the time can be shortened depending on the agreement of the parties.

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Move, jump and capture opponent’s pieces

Draught board that you need to learn includes: how to move, jump and capture your opponent’s pieces. Accordingly, the black side will go first and is only allowed to move diagonally forward if not blocked. Moves must be made within dark cells. In turn, the white pieces will also move according to this principle.

You can jump and capture pieces if your pieces are diagonally close to your opponent. The way to jump and capture is to move 2 squares in the direction of the opponent’s pieces (almost like jumping over). When your opponent is captured, you can immediately remove that piece from the Checker board.

How to award kings to chess pieces

An important content in draught board is a king-level conferment. Specifically, according to general rules, if a piece reaches the end of the opponent’s board, they will be crowned king. To level up, gamers can place a crown or simply stack another piece to mark the king.

According to the rules, the king can only move one square on a diagonal but can move forward and backward to capture the opponent. Furthermore, Checker does not limit the number of kings that can be appointed. Therefore, the more points the player has, the more advantages he has.

Additionally, some Checker sets already have a crown on the back. Therefore, when leveling up, you just need to turn the chess piece over.

End of checkers game

According to draught board, if the black or white side is completely removed from the Checker board, the remaining side will win. In addition, there is another way to win when all of the opponent’s pieces are blocked and cannot make any more moves. At that time, the side that cannot move will also lose, the Checker game will immediately end.

Through the above article, you surely have more knowledge about draught board. If you want to play today, you can apply the information shared above by bookmaker goal123. Hope you have exciting moments of entertainment with this game from the West!

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