Okvip Recruitment – Opens Up Attractive Career Opportunities

Not just an entertainment corporation,OKVIP but also an ideal workplace to experience, learn and be creative. If you are looking for not just a job but also an opportunity to develop your career and challenge yourself, become a part of the unit. The article below is some opportunities for reference.

Why should you choose Okvip as your workplace?

In the midst of a vibrant recruitment market, why is Okvip favored by many workers who are interested in and apply for jobs? That is thanks to the following advantages:

Creative working environment

This is one of the important factors for employees to decide whether to work at the company or not. At the corporation, every employee is not only encouraged but also encouraged to propose new ideas and creative approaches to solving problems. This helps them feel valued and enhances their spirit of contributing to the team.

Okvip working environment is healthy

The office is also designed to be open to create a flexible and creative space, encouraging communication and exchange of ideas between work teams. These things have created a healthy, positive working environment, helping employees have more motivation to contribute.

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Good remuneration policy

Besides the environment, salaries and bonuses are also an issue that many people are concerned about. If working at Okvip, employees will receive a salary about 20% higher than other units. Because this amount is calculated based on each person’s capacity and performance, as well as additional commissions for projects.

The group also built an extremely clear insurance policy, with all types of insurance such as: Health, unemployment, accidents, etc. Female employees will be given maternity leave without being fired. Workers away from home will receive dormitory support and 3 million for meals. In addition, benefits for festivals, holidays, travel, etc. are also fully implemented.

Okvip salary is generous with many commissions

Employees are intensively trained by Okvip

For those who do not have much experience, there is no need to worry because the unit will provide 100% free training on professional skills. Training sessions to update knowledge and develop capacity will be held regularly to help new employees get acquainted and keep up with work progress. In particular, the group also ensures a comfortable, professional working space, equipped with enough equipment for them to complete their work well.

Okvip provides in-depth training for employees

Job opportunities at Okvip

Recruitment at Okvip has a variety of positions with different requirements to suit many types of workers. As follows:

Job Request
SEO Website ●     Experienced in Onpage and Offpage SEO, priority given to having achievements

●     Proficiency with tools

●     Can plan marketing and manage teams

●     Salary: From 12 – 50 million, with additional commissions and team bonuses

IT Website ●     1 year experience BACKEND, FRONTEND

●     Proficient in programming and web

●     Know English

●     Have teamwork ability

●     Salary: 20 – 60 million, increased by 10 million from the 2nd year

SEO Content ●     Can analyze keyword sets

●     Outline, edit quickly

●     Support tools can be used

●     Salary: 12-35 million + commission

Designer ●     Come up with ideas, sketch and edit designs to suit the market

●     Update photos for the project

●     Browse and control printing

●     Product design for advertising

Sale ●     Have experience in a similar position. If you don’t have one, you will be trained

●     Agile, dynamic, good communication skills

●     Build plans and brands to find customers

●     Have basic knowledge about different types of games

●     Salary: Bonus based on sales

In addition to the 5 jobs mentioned above, the group also has advertising, marketing, HR,… Depending on the personnel situation and recruitment time, there will be many different career opportunities. Therefore, you need to follow the information channel to promptly update and submit your application within the specified time.

Instructions on how to apply for jobs at Okvip

How to successfully apply for a job at the corporation? Like many other units, the group’s application steps are also extremely simple, in the following order:

Apply for Okvip online or call directly

  • Step 1: Search for recruitment information on the unit’s homepage. Or you can find information through forums that cooperate with the corporation. With just one click, a series of opportunities appear before your eyes.
  • Step 2: After that, employees will read the application requirements to know which positions are suitable for their abilities. After that, you will prepare your CV to easily submit online through channels.
  • Step 3: The system notifies of successful submission, waiting for results from the corporation.

In addition to applying online, you can also contact HR recruitment directly to register for the desired position. This method is often chosen by many people because it is fast and there is no fear of losing information.

Above are shares about job recruitment at OKVip. Hope this information will be useful in your job search process. Hope everyone can choose a suitable position for themselves.

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