Parking at Frankfurt Airport

Parking at Frankfurt Airport

Are you going on a holiday soon and flying from Frankfurt Airport? Then you might want to go to the airport by car. Unlike the popular opinion about great German punctuality, German public transportation seems to have not gotten the memo. Trains and buses often encounter delays, making the system unreliable if you have to get somewhere on time.

Since being on time is essential for catching your flight, you might want to take the car instead. If you do go by car, you should park it in a safe and affordable parking lot. The article delves into all the options for parking around Frankfurt Airport.

The Necessity of a Parking Lot Reservation

Frankfurt Airport is the biggest airport in Germany. Moreover, it is the fourth-biggest hub in all of Europe and receives millions of daily visitors. If you’d like to park your car at the airport, know that there are only about 15,000 parking spaces available directly at the airport. So if you want to use the official parking airport Frankfurt, you should book as soon as possible. Besides claiming your spot, there is another great benefit to making a reservation early on: the price. The longer you wait, the fewer spaces are available, and the more expensive the available spaces get.

Onsite parking at Frankfurt Airport

If you want to park directly at the airport, several options are available depending on the terminal you are flying from. Frankfurt Airport has two major terminals, each with its own parking lots. At Terminal 1, you’ll find P2 and P3; at Terminal 2, you can use the P8 and P9 parking lots. There is also a P1 near Terminal 1, but it has no business parking area.

The parking lots at the airport offer extra-large business parking for oversized vehicles, designated handicapped parking spots near the exit, and charging stations for electric vehicles. However, parking directly at the terminal can be quite expensive. If you’re on a budget, you could consider a more budget-friendly option, such as parking at a parking lot outside the airport.

Offsite parking lots

Besides parking directly at the airport, you could also opt for an offsite parking lot. These lots often offer shuttle buses to take you to the terminal. Generally, these shuttles are included in the parking price. Parking outside the airport is usually a lot cheaper. The only downside to using an offsite parking lot is that it takes longer to get to the airport and back to your car. So if you do decide to use this option, make sure you know what times the shuttles operate and factor in extra traveling time to make sure you won’t be late for your flight.

Valet Airport Parking

A third option that you have is to use a valet parking service. This service works just like valet parking at a restaurant. You must make a reservation beforehand and supply the company with your flight number. They will meet you at the designated meeting point, which is typically right in front of the terminal entrance, and take your car to a parking lot while you immediately proceed to check-in.

A great benefit of this service is that you don’t have to take your luggage on a shuttle bus. Instead, you unload your baggage when you arrive at the terminal.

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