Your Guide to Welcoming a Playful French Bulldog Puppy Into Your Home

Your Guide to Welcoming a Playful French Bulldog Puppy Into Your Home

Frenchies are fun-loving pups that thrive in a family environment. They love to play and crave their owner’s attention. Clear out anything they might try to chew or swallow, like electrical cords or shoes.

The first night at home might be noisy as your puppy adjusts to their new surroundings. They might moan and cry, which is normal.

Get Your House Ready

A French Bulldog from Pawrade is an excellent dog for families, especially those with young children. They adapt well to different living situations and require less exercise than other breeds of dogs. Plus, they are known for their playful demeanor and adorable bat ears!

But like any other dog, they must be taught proper social skills. They also need to be trained to focus and concentrate. If your family is unfamiliar with training methods, look for a professional trainer or enroll in an introductory obedience class.

These classes will help you establish rules and boundaries with your pup, making them more manageable. They will also teach you how to reinforce your Frenchie’s positive behaviors with verbal praise and treats.

Remember that your puppy will probably be anxious and clingy during the first few days. They will need lots of love and affection, so make sure you have plenty of toys and treats associated with petting. This will help your pup develop a positive association with respect and avoid becoming clingy.

Give Your Pup a Place to Call Their Own

Frenchies have taken the world by storm with their larger-than-life personalities crammed into their petite frames. Their manageable exercise needs, adaptability to various lifestyles, and the coveted “Frenchie” face that makes them instant friends with kids have made these pups the perfect fit for families.

To help your new dog adjust to your home, give them a small, safe space they can call their own. This can be their crate or an enclosed area that’s theirs to rest in at night. This space mustn’t be used for rambunctious play and instead is a calm and quiet spot they can retreat to for rest.

This helps them feel secure, making bedtime routines easier and lessening whimpers overnight. If your dog hesitates to enter their safe space, try petting them and rewarding them with treats or toys they associate with affection.

Set Up a Training Routine

While these pups can’t wait to play and snuggle, they need much attention and training to stay focused. They also have a habit of getting into trouble and may hurt themselves without proper supervision. Teaching them basic commands, like sit and heel, is essential.

You should also begin potty training your Frenchie when they come home. This can be as simple as taking them out after waking up, eating, drinking water, and playing. This will help prevent accidents and train them to go outside only when necessary.

In addition, you should crate-train your puppy early on to provide structure at home. This will help them feel comfortable when you’re not around and help them overcome separation anxiety in the future. Check out our Step-by-Step Guide to Crate Training Your French Bulldog Puppy for tips, crate recommendations, and troubleshooting advice.

Give Your Pup a Place to Sleep

Frenchies love to sleep and nap in soft places like your sofa. They may also prefer sleeping beside you as they are a companion breed and need to be close to their owners when they are sleeping.

As this position is preferred, you will likely notice your Frenchie sleeping on its back. It maximizes the cooling effect of their paw pads and belly fur. They also have fewer sweat glands than other dogs, so they need to be in an open position to cool down.

While playing with your new puppy, be careful not to roughhouse too much, as they can develop neck and back problems. It is best to play with your pup using toys and treats as they are very affection-driven. This will help them feel safe and secure in your presence. You can also give your puppy a unique bed with orthopedic memory foam to reduce stress on their joints and spine while providing proper support.

Make a Bed for Your Pup

As part of their socialization, Frenchies need lots of attention. This will help them to feel comfortable and confident in their new home, easing anxiety. They are actual companion dogs and will be excited to see their loved ones – even going so far as to become clingy.

Puppies sleep 16-18 hours a day, so you will need somewhere cozy for them to catch some Z’s. A comfy, dog-approved bed will be perfect!

Repurpose an old drawer, suitcase, or wood crate into a cozy dog bed with this easy DIY. Or, make a no-sew lounger out of blankets and other bedding you have on hand for an eco-friendly project. You can also add a few small pillows for comfort.

Give Your Pup a Treat

French Bulldogs are a delight with their adorable faces, playful personalities, and flexible lifestyles. However, their compact size and unique health concerns make it essential to understand their specific needs before bringing one home.

Fortunately, Frenchies are novice-friendly dogs that thrive with consistent training and positive reinforcement. Moreover, they’re highly adaptable companions who are equally comfortable living in apartments and houses with yards.

If you plan on bringing a Frenchie into a household with children, it’s best to socialize them early, so they learn how to interact appropriately with people and other pets. This will help reduce the likelihood of adverse incidents arising as they age.

It’s also a good idea to teach kids not to pick up puppies by their heads, which can lead to injuries. Instead, please encourage them to play with a soft toy or give the pup affection so they associate touch positively.

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