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What is bird seed?

Lack of nutrition is often the root cause of many health problems and even death in pet birds. Good nutrition plays a key role in the overall health of birds because the vast majority of bird diseases are associated with improper diet. To prevent all these problems, you need to feed good quality bird seeds to ensure balanced nutrition in pet birds.

Many seed mixes lack proper nutrition and contain unhealthy ingredients for birds, so it’s better to do some research before giving any bird seed to your pet bird. At talis-us, we have a huge variety of bird seeds available by the most reputable brands to help you make the right selection.

What are the Qualities of Good Bird Seeds?

Here are some of the qualities of good bird seeds mentioned below.

High Nutritional Content

A good quality bird food contains a high nutritional value, such as protein and fat. Remember, there are various bird seeds available on our online store to help you choose the right bird food. We recommend you check the complete list of ingredients and make sure that the bird food contains all the essential nutrients, such as protein and fats.

Clean and High Quality

A good quality bird seed must be clean and sterilized as the dust can easily accumulate in the seeds. Never compromise on the quality of bird seed because low-quality bird seed can easily get spoiled. If you don’t have any experience with bird seeds, you should go for well-known brands to avoid low-quality bird seeds.

Easy to Digest

High-quality bird seed is easy to digest as birds have a sensitive digestive system. At talis-us, you can find a huge variety of high-quality bird seeds that are easy to digest and highly nutritious. Seeds such as safflower, nyjer, millet, etc.. are often recommended for good digestive health.

Different Types of Bird Seeds

If you are a proud pet bird owner, here are the following different bird seed options available for you.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are one of the versatile feed types that attract different types of birds. These small and thin seeds are very easy to feed and aids in digestion. Sunflower seeds are mostly preferred by cardinals, buntings, chickadees, house finches, grosbeaks, woodpeckers, etc.

Safflower Seeds

Safflower seeds are mostly for outdoor bird feeders because squirrels don’t like their taste. We have premium quality safflower seeds available on our online store. Birds such as cardinals, doves, native sparrows, purple finches, and others enjoy safflower seeds.


Millet is popular for ground-feeding birds due to its hard coating. Different types of birds favor these seeds, including native sparrows, doves, juncos, cardinals, etc.


A wide range of birds also favors peanuts, but they also attract raccoons and squirrels. Birds that enjoy peanut seeds include woodpeckers, chickadees, jays, Carolina wrens, etc…


Milo, also known as Sorghum, is famous for ground-feeding birds in Western states. Milo is also used in low feeders, and it may also attract cowbirds and starlings. Birds that prefer sorghum, including quails, pheasants, doves, and stellar jays.


Nyjer seeds are high in protein, and they are ideal for small birds due to their size. Even though nyjer seeds are more expensive than other seeds, many birds prefer them. Birds such as buntings, goldfinches, house finches, and redpolls are attracted to nyjer seeds.

Wrap Up:

We hope this brief guide on bird seeds will help you choose the best option for feeding birds. If you are looking for premium-grade bird seeds online, don’t forget to scroll through our collection of bird food at talis-us.

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