Why was the Delle Alpi stadium demolished?

The Stadio Delle Alpi opened back in 1990 for a cool 100 billion lire. At this moment you can go to 1 xBet and play and wager on plenty of matches played in Italy too.

This was approximately €50 million, this behemoth of a stadium had all the makings of an Italian football citadel. Seating around 69,000 spectators, it was regularly used by teams like:

  • Juventus;
  • Torino;
  • and the Italian national side.

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A not-so-loved place

From the get-go, fans weren’t exactly sending love letters to this place. Yeah, it looked grand from the outside, but once you were in, it was a whole different ball game. The main problem was that fans complained they were too far away from the football field. Make sure to spend time at 1xBet – profitable bet on football can be made on Italian football too.

The running track around the pitch made sure that you saw the action quite far, which severely damaged the venue’s reputation.

The complaints piled up over the years. Fans felt too detached from the games, the atmosphere was about as lively as a library on a Sunday morning, and let’s not even start on the acoustics. It was like cheering into a void. Plus, the place was rarely full, which meant it felt even more desolate. A profitable football bet can be made at 1xBet on Juventus too, which was one of the tenants of this facility.

Trying to remedy the situation

The clubs tried to tweak things here and there, but it was like putting a Band-Aid on a broken leg. The attendance numbers told a gloomy story, with Juventus pulling in an average of just 38,000 fans, which was well shy of capacity. Before the next Juventus match, go to 1xbet.com/en/slots – all popular online slots are available for you.

Fast forward to 2006, and both Juventus and Torino have had enough. They’ve bounced, leaving Delle Alpi to echo with the ghosts of games past. Juventus shifted to the Stadio Olimpico di Torino, while a master plan was hatched to bring something new out of the ashes of the old.

The decision was made — demolish and start over. So, down came Delle Alpi, and in its place rose the Allianz Stadium, a much cozier spot with 41,000 seats that practically have the fans rubbing shoulders with the players. No more track, just pure, undiluted football atmosphere.

Juventus wanted their own digs, tailor-made to pump up the volume and the revenue. And it worked. They report that the Allianz has much better occupancy rates, and the box office is definitely happier, with Juventus consistently selling out matches. It’s a clear win for fan experience and economic sense. Speaking about wins, all popular online slots at 1xBet will help you to do so too.

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