Why Quick Service Restaurant Chains are Using HourWork

Quick-service restaurant (QSR) chains face the most difficulty when it comes to recruiting and retaining hourly employees. In fact, the average tenure of an hourly employee in a quick-service restaurant was just 110 days. In 2021, QSRs saw an overall turnover rate of 144%.

With such figures, it’s no wonder that many restaurant chains are turning to HourWork, an online platform for employers, to source and hire hourly employees. But what does HourWork offer that makes it so attractive to QSRs? Here are some of the advantages:

1. Convenience

With HourWork, employers can quickly find qualified workers who are ready and willing to work. The streamlined online process allows employers to post job openings, review potential candidates, and hire them in the least time possible – all from the comfort of their office.

2. Scalability

Quick-service restaurants often require large numbers of hourly workers. HourWork provides hourly recruiting services that help you scale hiring when needed and have access to a larger pool of potential employees. This can be particularly beneficial during peak times or seasonal rushes. You can even create hiring campaigns to quickly identify and hire the best candidates.

3. Cost Savings

HourWork’s pay-as-you-go model is designed for businesses that don’t necessarily require a lot of employees on a regular basis. It allows you to only pay for the services you need, allowing you to save money in the long run.

4. Access to exit surveys

When employees leave, they do so for a variety of reasons. HourWork’s exit surveys allow you to gain valuable insight into why people are leaving your organization, giving you the opportunity to make changes and improve retention rates.

With this clever feature, you are even able to determine the employees who are likely to return, thus helping you to focus your recruitment efforts accordingly.

5. Seamless integrations with people management software

HourWork allows you to quickly and smoothly integrate with people management software. This allows you to quickly view data and make informed decisions when it comes to managing your workforce.

Additionally, such integrations make it easier to collect and analyze employee data, thus helping you identify trends that may be impacting your staffing needs.

6. Notifications of interest

HourWork helps you stay on top of potential applicants by sending notifications when someone expresses interest in a role. This feature allows you to quickly respond and get back to those who may be interested, thus increasing the chances of making a successful hire.

7. Engage employees with the help of messaging experts

If you have employees who were top performers but they quit, HourWork provides the ability to engage them with the help of messaging experts. The experts can draft and send messages to them, encouraging them to reconsider their decision and return to the organization. That way, you get to retain top talent, which helps to minimize future recruitment costs.

8. High-quality customer service

HourWork offers exemplary customer service, which is critical when dealing with sensitive issues such as recruiting hourly employees. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff are always available to answer your queries and provide assistance when needed. This can be invaluable in ensuring that recruitment operations run smoothly.

There you go

By leveraging the power of HourWork, quick-service restaurants can ensure that they have access to a qualified pool of employees who are ready and willing to work.

With its efficient recruitment process, and a customer service team that is always ready to help, HourWork can truly be a great asset for businesses in need of hourly workers.

So try out HourWork today and make recruiting easier, faster, and more cost-effective. You won’t be disappointed!

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