Car Shipping Arizona: What You Need to Know

Car Shipping Arizona: What You Need to Know

If you’re here, you’ve obviously searched for car shipping in Arizona and are possibly getting ready to relocate. While moving can bring about great joy and new opportunities, the process of getting there isn’t always ideal. It takes planning, thought, time, and effort to ensure the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

This also applies if you’re shipping a vehicle for any other reason, like to a car show.

As you’re deciding whether to drive your vehicle to your new location or hire a company, it’s helpful to have some insight.

Not All Companies Are the Same

All transport companies are the same, right? This isn’t the case. The businesses differ in a number of ways.


You have to consider their experience. All businesses start somewhere, but do you want to trust your 1967 Ford Mustang to a newcomer with only a few months in the business or one with a shortlist of referrals?

Services Provided

You also need to consider the services they provide. For instance, not every company deals with classic and luxury vehicles. And even if they do, it might only be occasionally, and they may not have a specific protocol in place for them. When you’re shipping something that precious, you can’t take the chance. You need a company that deals with them specifically.


Plus, when you read reviews from different transport companies, you’ll see that they don’t all rate the same. Some receive a large number of positive reviews for their customer service and the service in general. Then, in other cases, some have more than enough negative reviews, sending up a red flag.


Unfortunately, not all car hauling companies are legitimate and receive everything necessary to run their business. That’s when doing your homework as a consumer is advantageous since some companies might not have a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) registration. You can also look on the FMCSA’s website to see a company’s status or lack thereof. Companies will also have profiles on the site that allow you to see if they have a positive rating.

Bonding and Insurance

Another aspect a company could lack is being bonded and insured, which could leave you without a car if something goes wrong. That could be a costly mistake.

Choosing Based on Price Alone Isn’t Beneficial

Although you want to get the most for your money, you don’t want to pick listings from a search for “car shipping Arizona” based on price alone. Though the most expensive isn’t always the best, the least costly might not have experience or have a poor reputation. You may still choose the least costly one, but research before making that decision.

Ultimately, you should review each company’s website and check out what’s offered. See what makes it unique. Sometimes, paying the extra money is worth it when you know your vehicle is safe and will reach its destination on schedule.

Always check reviews before you hire any company and trust them with your vehicle. Ideally, read a mix of the positive and negative ones, giving you a well-rounded idea about the business. Keep in mind, though, that a few negative reviews aren’t a reason to cross the company off your list.

Know if You Want an Open or Enclosed Transporter

Not all companies offer both open and enclosed haulers. Therefore, before you choose a company, make sure they offer the one you want, particularly if you’re looking for an enclosed transporter. This is especially true if you have a vehicle you don’t drive and want to shield it from the elements. The enclosed hauler will be more, but it’ll be worth it if you protect your vehicle adequately during the move.

Not All Car Transporter’s Insurance Policies Are the Same

As mentioned, you must check to make sure a company has insurance. But not every company has the same level. Therefore, as you’re choosing, take the time to sit with a representative from the business. Ask them to see a copy of the insurance policy and know what it covers before you make any commitments.

The Price Varies on Different Factors

You and someone in your house may both ship your vehicles to the same place and have a different bill. That’s because distance isn’t the only factor.

The price is higher if you have a large or heavy vehicle. A transporter can only safely haul so many pounds. Therefore, if your car is on the heavy side, the hauler won’t be able to carry as many vehicles. The same applies if you have a larger vehicle since it’ll take up more room. Another factor that affects the price is whether you opt for an open or enclosed hauler.

Availability Could Be a Concern

Some drivers have long rides to make, possibly taking them days. Therefore, a company might not have the exact dates you need to ship your vehicle. Therefore, if you’re in a time crunch, such as if you’ll need your car for work on a certain day, or you’re shipping the vehicle for someone’s birthday, make sure you inform the company and know if they have any availability for that time.

Know the Prices in Advance

The price advertised on a website might not be what you pay because of certain fees. Therefore, before you sign any contracts, make sure you know what the final cost will be.

Your Car Will Undergo an Inspection

Before your car takes a journey anywhere, an AutoStar Transport Express team member will evaluate it. For one, this step benefits the company; it ensures no lawsuits happen over damage from before shipping. On the other hand, it also protects you. If any damage should happen, which the company takes precautions to prevent, you can be fairly compensated without being questioned. Wash your car before the evaluation so the staff member can see any blemishes in the paint or on the body. “Car shipping Arizona” is a popular search because, in some cases, it may be the only way to transport a car. However, if you have options, by understanding more about the car hauling process and how the companies charge, you can make a decision if you should have the car transported or drive it yourself.

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