What’s Andar Bahar and What You Should Know

Card games have existed for decades now and are what attracts most players to the casino. Andar bahar is an extremely interesting fast-paced card game played primarily in India but has been introduced to other parts of the world as well.

The game can be likened to Baccarat and Dragon Tiger with a twist of Indian culture. Others compare it to the classic casino game, Blackjack. Andar bahar originated from Bangalore and is also referred to as Mangatha or Katti.

The odds of winning are also high enough to ensure that those who start the game develop a loyal following and backing for it. Betting on andar bahar can be lucrative, which is why the popularity of the game keeps soaring. If you want to profit from this table game, you can play online andar bahar real cash here.

This article discusses the reasons why you should strive to understand and master Andar Bahar.

Simplicity or Ease of Play

Andar Bahar is a relatively simple game to understand. It involves stating which side, either andar (meaning left betting spot or inside in Hindi) or bahar (meaning right betting spot or outside in Hindi) that the card will land.

The game’s outcome is completely random and the odds are always 50/50 meaning a player always has a fair chance of winning. Andar bahar uses the standard deck of 52 and all the cards retain their traditional values.

Unlike other card games, you are not required to play specific hands or find specific card combinations.  There only exists two possibilities hence betting on the game is easy.

Andar Bahar is ranked top among all Indian table games and 4th overall in the number of players it attracts by industry experts.

The Game has also grown in popularity in the last few years all over the world in live casinos as well as online casinos. This unprecedented growth rate can be attributed to the ease of playing the card game.

You Can Win Real Money Legally

Andar bahar provides a legal way to win money. Not only is the game easy, but it also provides you the chance to get some extra cash when playing. With the popularity of the game rising, more and more people are seeking online and live casinos to play this relatively simple game.

You however need to be careful and find a casino that not only allows you to play this game but also caters to all your betting needs. There are numerous reputable land-based and online casinos where you can enjoy real money andar bahar.

Fun And Friendly

Card games are a natural way to unwind after a hectic schedule. The fact that the game does not need intense focus or laser concentration makes it an ideal game to play when you are simply looking to relax.

Andar bahar provides you with a fun and friendly environment to express yourself and earn a few extra coins on the side while at it.

Strategy And Statistics

When looking at this game from a bettor’s perspective, it has just enough to ensure you enjoy your gambling experience. You may try to approach this game with different betting strategies from other card games in a bid to increase your odds of winning.

Though not necessary, strategies like Card counting can be applied to the game. Money Management strategies like martingale upon losing a bet can also be applied to andar bahar. Martingale will ensure that you protect your winnings in the case that you, unfortunately, lose a hand.

By doubling the stake, the winnings are recovered instantaneously in the case that you choose the correct side.

Holidays and Family Occasions

The game Andar Bahar is essentially a family game. The game is popular during Diwali and can be played by the whole family. This makes the game ideal for scenarios where you want to catch up with family and bond.

The 50/50 chance of victory also makes it ideal for such settings. The fact that the game is not overly competitive to the point of causing rifts makes it just another pure game of chance.

The game is also family-friendly in that young kids can play. They are however to play for fun and strictly not for money. The use of a standard deck of cards means that that is the only requirement for playing the game.

This means that the game is highly portable. It’s a fun game to carry to play when you are on holiday with your family or even alone. Andar bahar ensures that you have a wholistic family game night and can be used to create new family memories while still reliving old ones.

Improves Mental Health

Card games are known to be a good form of mental exercise for the Brain. Andar bahar is no different. Though a game of chance by nature, it also requires you to practice concentration and basic memory skills.

Fast Decision-making skills are also required when ultimately choosing sides. This ensures that cognitive skills are nurtured and repeatedly improved each time you play the game.

The constant repetition makes the mind sharp and has been proven beneficial in maintaining brain integrity and keeping diseases like dementia at bay. Mental health is a key aspect of our day-to-day lives and anything that improves it ought to be pursued.

Virtues like patience are also fostered by during gameplay. Unlike other games where upon betting you access the results immediately, in Andar bahar you have to wait until the dealer reaches a card similar to the card initially drawn. This forces the player to be patient.


Andar bahar is a game for everyone and you would be at a loss if you decide not to play it. Its benefits are tangible and visible for all to see. The game offers you an opportunity to relax, exercise your brain as well as have fun all in one sitting. A game that is portable and easy to understand makes it possible for you and your friends to easily have fun whenever you feel like it.

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