How Do You Send A Message That Self Destructs?

Self-destruct messages can be a great tool to send secret and private notes in the working environment or to your family members to avoid any type of online spying tool or malicious hacker. The messages are deleted automatically so your information will remain safe between you and the receiver. 

There are a lot of benefits of sending the messages that shelf district and one of the main advantages is they will not be in a permanent record of both the receiver as well as the sender.  You can easily create them by using any online efficient platform like privenote that lets you create anonymous messages that are destroyed automatically. 

If you want to send a message that self-destructs then read the given article to find out how you can send it. 

What Are Self-Destruct Messages?

The first question is what self-destruct messages are. They are the type of messages that automatically delete after a specific time. They are used to send sensitive or personal conversations. These messages are also known as disappearing messages, self-erasing text, or ephemeral messages. 

Why Do You Need To Send Messages That Self-Destruct?

There are a lot of reasons why you may need to send messages that self-destruct. 

  • To Provide Confidential Information

You can send these messages whenever you want to send some hidden or confidential information and you wish that no one else can access your conversation. 

  • To Give Surprise 

Sending self-destruct messages can be a good idea to give surprises to your loved ones. You can send it to wish your partner a unique way. 

How To Send A Message That Self Destructs?

To send a self-destructing message you need to use an efficient tool. Privnote has proven itself the best platform in terms of convenience and privacy. It is a web-based service that will create encrypted self-destructing messages that will not be saved on the server. The services are completely free of charge and also you do not have to register for an account. 

For your guidance a step-by-step guide is provided here: 

Step 1. Create The Message 

Navigate to the official website of Privnote and here type your secret message in the box present under the new note heading. After that click on the create note button. 

Step 2. Share It 

Now you will be provided with a unique link to your message, select the link. Now you can either email the link or can copy its link and then share it through any instant messaging app. 

Step 3. Self-destruction of the message 

The message will be delivered and when the target person will open it for the first time then after some time the message will self-destruct. Now even the receiver can not read it again.

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Ending Remarks 

Self-destruct messages are special types of messages that delete or disappear automatically after a specific time. By using Privnote you can create encrypted messages that will self-destruct after the target person will open it for the first time. 

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