What is poor ginseng? The secret to playing poor ginseng effectively from New88

What is poor ginseng? This is a common question among new Sam Loc players. This is a term that appears in the card game Sam Loc. To better understand what poor ginseng is? How to play effectively from experts, New88 has compiled in the following article.

What is poor ginseng?

In the game Sam cyclone, the term Sam cyclone is used to describe a situation when you win immediately without going through the usual card playing process. This game is very popular in online betting floors and attracts many players thanks to its strategy and luck.

To win in Sam Loc, you not only need to rely on luck but also apply smart and reasonable strategies when playing. These skills and experiences cannot be learned immediately but need to be accumulated over a long period of play.

They require patience and observation, as well as understanding the different rules and strategies in the game to be able to seize opportunities and make the correct decisions.

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The secret to playing poor ginseng effectively from New88 experts

There are many secrets to playing poor ginseng effectively, let’s take a look at the following.

Play Poor Sam and choose the right table

When playing Poor Sam, the most important thing you need to remember is to choose the appropriate table. Veteran players often advise that participating in four-player games is the best option.

They help create a more balanced and enjoyable game. In addition, you need to pay attention to choosing the bet level. Choose a bet level that suits your financial situation to avoid the risk of big loss. Especially if you are new to the game, try to avoid tables with many Sam Loc players, because your chances of winning will be much lower.

Practice good memory skills

In the game Poor Sam and other card games, the ability to remember cards is very important. This skill not only helps improve your memory but also increases your ability to think flexibly. When you have the ability to remember the cards that have been played, including both yours and your opponent’s, you will have a great advantage.

Memorizing cards helps you make more accurate decisions in each move, such as knowing when to bet or choosing the right card for the next move. This is a key factor to help you play Sam Loc online or any other card game more effectively.

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Logical and appropriate card-laying skills

When playing Poor Sam, an important skill that many players often do not pay attention to is how to arrange cards. Arranging cards in an organized manner, creating pairs or consecutive chains of cards, helps minimize the number of odd or junk cards. This will increase your chances of winning.

Especially in the game Sam, you do not need to worry about the quality or color of the cards. The main rule is that the card with higher value can be used to defeat another card without having to distinguish the suit. They simplify the gameplay and help you focus on planning your next moves.

Prioritize playing long cards first to gain an advantage

In the game Poor Sam, a smart strategy is to prioritize playing cards that can form chains or sets (long hands) first. This way, you can effectively utilize the good and trash cards in your hand. They help you maintain flexibility in the way you play, creating opportunities to change situations quickly when necessary.

If you choose to play trash first, you may find yourself in a difficult situation when later playing chains or decks. Your opponent can easily catch these moves, causing you to lose your turn and reduce your chances of winning.

So, choosing the order of playing cards not only affects the current move, but also determines how you can play the other cards in your hand, helping you avoid unnecessary losses and increasing your chances of playing. winning ability.

Avoid pig rot when picking poor ginseng

In the game Poor Sam, careful management of the pig cards is an important secret. Pig is often considered a lucky card and many players wish to have it. However, owning a pig also requires skill in how to play to avoid getting stuck with it, also known as pig rot.

When you have a pig in your hand, it is important to choose the right time to play this card. You should not use it too early, but wait until it can maximize its effectiveness. A good example is using pigs to block opponents if they are trying to create a winning streak.

Also, always be wary of your opponents’ moves, as they may be looking to capture your pigs. Subtle observation and smart card playing will help you maximize the advantage from this valuable card.


So you have just learned what poor ginseng is as well as the secrets to playing ginseng effectively. Please apply the above methods of New88 to win.

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