What is Lotto? Some Things Newcomers Should Know

What is Lo Xien ?? What forms are there, what are the reward rates, what should you keep in mind when participating? Join New88 today to find out in the following article to better understand this game.

What is Lo Xien?

Lo Xi is a form of betting in the lottery lobby of bookmakers that is loved by many people. There are 3 types including 2, 3 and 4 parlays with their own ways of playing and different reward rates.

In this form, players must choose two, three or four numbers in the range from 00 – 99 to deposit money for a prize draw. If all predictions are in the lottery results table of that day, they will receive a reward corresponding to the rate prescribed by the house. If even one number is wrong, the player will lose all their money. bet.

Lottery Slots are often found in the Lottery section at bookmakers

What are the forms of playing Lo Xi?

In the world of lotteries and lotteries, this is an opportunity for players to gain attractive bonuses, so what are the different types of Lottery rewards? Let’s continue to learn with New88. in the following section.

Lo Xien 2

In this form, players will bet on 2 numbers in one order. If both numbers are correct, you will win and receive many times more money than you spent. This form of parlay play is considered the simplest of the three types. However, the reward rate will not be the same at each bookmaker and lottery station in the North, Central or South. Normally, the bonus ratio ranges from 1 to 14 to 1 to 30.

Types of Slots

Lo Xien 3

Lotto 3 is a popular form of lottery betting when playing lottery. In this form, the player is asked to choose 3 numbers and bet on them. To receive the prize, all three numbers must appear correctly in the lottery results. Similar to Dich 2, this form will also have reward rates ranging from 1 to 75 to 1 to 150.

Lo Xien 4

4 Cross Lotto is the most difficult bet, requiring players to wait for the appearance of 4 numbers at the same time. To receive rewards, players not only need to analyze and calculate but also rely on luck. The reward rate for this form is usually the highest and ranges from 1 to 240 to 1 to 700. This is a challenge for players looking for great opportunities and willing to face high levels of risk.

Guide play Lo Xier at New88

After understanding what Lo Xien is, to participate in the game at New88, bettors can follow the following detailed instructions:

  • Step 1: Visit the New88 homepage > Register and log in to your account > Deposit money into your wallet

Register a New88 account to participate in betting

  • Step 2: On the home page interface, select “Lottery” > Select playing hall
  • Step 3: Choose the lottery type (Super Speed ​​XS, XSMB, XSMN or
  • Step 4: Manually fill in the pairs of numbers depending on each type of cross bet or click on the number in the range suggested by the system > Finally, click “Place bet” and track the results.

LWhat are the advantages of playing Lo Xien?

When playing Lo Xien, there are a number Things bettors need to keep in mind to have a safe playing experience and increase their ability to profit are as follows.

Understand what the rules of Lo Xien are?

To have a successful Lo Xien playing experience, understanding the game rules and types is necessary. At the same time, learning about reward rates is also an important factor in determining the level of risk and profit that can be achieved.

For example, Diagonal 4 has a very high winning rate of up to 1:700, which means that the winning rate will be extremely difficult. On the contrary, with a 2-1 skewer, you can only win a maximum of 30 times, but the possibility of returning is higher. Through that, players can consider the possibility of winning and the level of risk they can accept to choose accordingly.

What to pay attention to when playing Lo Xieng?

Be careful when depositing money

Understand what cross-lottery iscourse DTo reduce risk, you can start with investing small amounts to “find the way,” that is, grasp information and analyze before deciding to invest large amounts of money. This helps you build more understanding and confidence before each betting decision. Avoid hastily investing large amounts of money without certainty of results.
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Play in moderation

Playing in moderation and knowing when to stop is an important rule. Staying mentally alert and not letting yourself lose control is the key to avoiding reckless decisions when losing continuously. Don’t think that “if you’re still breathing, you’re still alive,” but consider and relax your mind when you encounter difficulties. Limit decisions when you feel confused, because these times are often times when decisions are based on emotions and are not wise.

Through the above article, you have learned What is Lo Xien?, popular forms, bonus rates and things to keep in mind when playing this numerology game. Join New88 now for a chance to win attractive prizes.

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