What is Corner Kick Betting? Common Types of Corner Kick Bets

In soccer betting, corner kicks are chosen by many players because the winning or losing results are completely independent of the final score of the match, so it is quite easy to play. So do you know how to bet on this type of bet? Don’t worry, Neu88 will help you answer the question right in the article below!

What is a corner kick bet?

Corner kick bet is a type of bet in soccer, based on the number of corners taken during the match. Corners bets are also known as Corners bets, this is a form of betting in which the player does not need to care about the win or loss score of the match. Just pay attention to the number of corner kicks that occur during that match.

Conners has a fairly simple way of playing, you don’t need to care about the result of the match, the main factor is just remembering the total number of corner kicks taken by both teams in the match.

Because it is a side bet, some bookmakers will only offer corner kicks in the extension of bet types and players can only bet 1 day before the match takes place. Therefore, the time to review and analyze the ratio will not be much.

The most common types of corner kicks

Similar to the main types of bets in soccer betting, Conners bets are also divided into many types so players can freely choose, specifically:

Over/under corner kicks for the entire match

Full-match corner kicks over-under: This is a bet in which the player bets on the total number of corners taken in the match, whether it will be higher or lower than a certain number given by the bookmaker.

Betting on corner kick handicap for the whole match

Depending on each match, the house will offer different handicaps. The player’s task is to simply choose the team with the corner kick or the team with the handicap. To distinguish the winning team from the losing team, you will rely on the number of corner kicks taken during the entire match.

Even and odd corner kicks

Among the types of corner kick bets provided, the odd-even bet is considered the simplest. When participating, the player’s task is to predict whether the number of corner kicks taken in the match will be even or odd. and place a bet.

For example, in a match with a total of 14 corners, you bet on Even and win, and you bet on Odd and win when there are 15 corners.
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The bet has no corners

In addition to the above odds, to attract players to participate, some bookmakers also offer bets on no corner kicks appearing in the match. The bet without a corner kick is quite special and has a high winning rate.

However, the odds of a match not having any corner kicks throughout the entire match are almost non-existent, so in order not to fall into the house’s trap, you should be careful before deciding to bet.

Experience in playing corner kicks effectively

Betting on corner kicks is quite risky, so to limit the risk of losing money, players need to grasp some betting experience as follows:

  • Collect and grasp all information related to each team’s performance, factors affecting the players in the team, starting lineup, corner kick history, and confrontation records.
  • You should bet on the team with a strong attack and is rated higher in the first corner bet.
  • You should bet on the team with the desire to score more goals for the last bet.
  • Before placing a bet, you should carefully analyze the match and not rely on your emotions to make a decision.
  • The number of corners taken by the stronger team will certainly be more, whereas in the case of a weak team playing against a weak team, the number of corners will be quite small.
  • Do not be hasty or lose your temper when betting because the characteristics of corner kicks are that they do not depend on the result of the match but will focus on the total number of free kicks of the two teams.
  • Reasonable bet allocation, can be combined with over/under goal bets, Asian handicap bets, if you lose, you won’t lose too much money.


Hopefully the information provided in the above article about corner kicks will help players understand more and not be surprised the first time they participate. Just apply the shared experiences, you will definitely receive many great rewards.

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