What Color Should My Personal Fireplace Mantel Always Be

What Color Should My Personal Fireplace Mantel Always Be?

Fireplace mantles have changed a whole lot over time. While they would have been built straight into a home in order to make out associated with brick or metallic, now they could be made out associated with several things plus limitlessly customized. Of all of the customizable aspects associated with a fire mantel, the aspect that will affect the room, in general, is color. Consequently, what color is your fireplace mantel? We searched the web for the solution to this query.

The general guideline of thumb is perfect for a fireplace mantel to become a neutral look. This ensures the particular mantel will mix using the room actually when the colors are changed. Similarly, it keeps the particular mantel from becoming noticed too much. If you would like to paint your own mantel, white plus off-white colors like ivory are usually a good option. If you wish to make your mantel be noticeable, paint that color of which contrasts with typically the walls. Get a bedroom fireplace with ultimate indulgence.

Let’s acquire a closer recognition of this and just how you can work with the area of your current fireplace mantel to be able to show your exclusive style. You can find a few common ways to artwork a mantle location. Let’s take a look at all of them then examine a few other options.

Artwork Your Mantel Inside a Neutral Color

Natural is a typical choice because actually when you choose to repaint the particular room, your layer will still look great. This also allows the mantle to take, however, not completely remain out from all of those other rooms. It furthermore generally looks great with whatever otherwise you decide in order to decorate the space.

If you would like a timeless plus classic look, the neutral color such as ivory might be with regard to you.

Painting Your own Manel In The Color Similar In order to That Of The particular Wall

Picking a similar color will be an option for your fireplace to stand away a bit, however, not be a central point. It really is associated with a “happy medium” between the natural and bold choices.

A typical idea will be to pick something a few colors lighter or darker than your wall space. This adds a lot more intrigue to your own fireplace while furthermore reasonably blending that within the place. It can in addition offer a room a new monochromatic feel.

Artwork The Mantel Inside A Bold Shade

Going bold is definitely the last with the three. Choosing a new color that is definitely very different in the walls is a great new solution to help make your fireplace appear as the central host to a new room. It is definitely also great in the event that you are proceeding for a popular style.

If an individual wants your open fireplace to pop plus stand out, selecting a bold or different color may become for you personally. For instance, a white fireplace on an atmosphere blue wall will make the fireplace instantly be noticeable.

Should We Paint An Open Fire The Same Colour As Walls?

In case you are heading for any bright plus almost monochromatic strengthening to the space, painting a fireplace exactly the same color because the walls might be a great option for you personally. Artwork in a fireplace is exactly the same color as typically the walls allow that to blend throughout with them, when still letting that be a prospective focus. Another advantage to this is certainly not having to pick another color.

What exactly is Good Finish For the Mantel?

Most completions will hold way up to around 2 hundred degrees Fahrenheit. While an individual is not developing very long fire or chemical fire, your mantle can likely not find above that temperature.

Oil-based paints and even other finishes can work fine, nevertheless, the heat from typically the fireplace may result in them degrading faster. After a few years, the caliber of paint, they can shed their shade. While that may happen with virtually any paint, oil chemicals are more susceptible to it.

The principal thing you would like to avoid may be the intumescent coating. Intumescent coating is fireproof, which may tone like a superb alternative for an open fireplace, but is pretty typically the opposite. If the shell comes in to speak with heat, this puffs up in addition to is very challenging to wash. So this is not a good strategy for fireplaces.

Acrylic finishes usually are heat resistant in addition to tend to perform best on fireplace mantels. They usually are the top selection when picking the finish for your own fireplace.

What sort of Color Do You Employ On A Fireplace Mantel?

A semi-gloss paint with a great acrylic finish is usually well suited regarding most fireplaces. The particular semi-gloss makes the particular mantle clean, nevertheless not too gleaming. If you have any questions about the specific paint functions with heat, ask an associate in the store or even search for reviews upon that specific color.

Paints can likewise have an intumescent finish mixed within, so keep a great eye out regarding that when getting paint. Like as soon as it used to be a finish off, intumescent paint is going to be prone to be able to puff up as soon as holding heat.


That is most usual to be able to paint your open fireplace mantel in a very simple color. Yet, different popular options happen to be painting your mantel in an equivalent color to typically the remaining portion of the room together with painting it throughout a bold coloring. While neutral colorings are considered typically the principle, your mantel shows the style, so at this time there is no “one size fits all of. 

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