Wedge Lock Washers Effectively Utilize Tension

Wedge Lock Washers Effectively Utilize Tension

Wedge Lock Washers Effectively Use Tension

In many areas of machinery, reducing friction as much as possible is the goal. But the only goal of fasteners is to hold items securely. There have many improvements throughout the ages toward this goal. However, the invention and introduction of the wedge lock washer effectively ended the search for further improvement.

The wedge lock washer is a deceptively simple but ingenious item that uses tension instead of friction to accomplish its purpose. It’s used between a bolt and the surface the bolt is inserted into. The primary purpose of any washer is to increase the load distribution around the surface of the bolt or screw. They are also used to reduce friction at the bolt’s point of contact, which can harm the surface material. When plastic or ceramic washers are used in applications that involve electricity, they can also reduce the connectivity of the bolts and screws.

Birth of Nord-Lock Washers

Washers have been around since about 400 BC, but it wasn’t until the development of what would become the Nord-Lock washer that they became an integral part of the holding mechanism of a bolt or screw.

Various designs and patent applications for different wedge lock washers had been in development in engineering circles since the late 70s. Bengt and Mary Persson recognized the benefits of this revolutionary design. In 1982 they secured the patents for wedge lock washers. After two more years of development, they offered the first of their new products marketed under the name of Nord-Lock washers in 1984.

Effectiveness of Nord-Lock Washers

Nord-Lock washers are actually two washers providing tension to keep a fastener from slipping. The corrugated surface against the bottom of the bolt and the flat surface of the material it’s inserted into help the two washers stay immobile. However, the majority of the washer’s effectiveness is provided by the interlocking surfaces of the two washers.

These wedge lock washers have interlocking corrugations that effectively prevent any lateral movement when they’re joined. With this complete immobility, plus the corrugations against the bottom of the bolt and the surface of the material, there are effectively three points of contact preventing the movement of a single bolt.

Nord-Lock washers have grown to become one of the most popular designs for washers throughout the world. They provide an easy, low-cost solution to the needs of screw and bolt applications that undergo a lot of vibrations and movement and need to stay fastened.

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