Unpacking Firearms and Weapons Offences Law in Saskatchewan

Unpacking Firearms and Weapons Offences Law in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan has strict laws governing firearms and weapons possession, use, and storage. These laws protect public safety and prevent the misuse of these dangerous items.

There are different types of offences, the penalties for these offences, and the defences are available if anyone breaks the laws. In such moments, firearms and weapons offences lawyer in Saskatchewan makes strong defence.

Now, we will provide information on the offences and legal assistance if you have been charged with a firearms or weapons offence.

The Firearms and Weapons Offences in Saskatchewan

Individuals can commit many firearms and weapons offences. We have listed some of the most common offences in Saskatchewan:

  • Possessing a firearm or weapon without a license
  • Using a firearm or weapon in a careless manner
  • Pointing a firearm or weapon at a person
  • Assault with a firearm or weapon
  • Trafficking in firearms or weapons

Possession of Firearms and Weapons in Saskatchewan

The possession of a firearm or weapon without a license is illegal in Saskatchewan. There are two types of firearms licenses: a non-restricted firearms license and a restricted firearms license.

  • Users need a non-restricted firearms license to possess and transport non-restricted firearms, such as shotguns and rifles.
  • Users need a restricted license to possess and transport firearms, such as handguns and certain rifles.

Individuals Can Get Firearms:

  • The individual must be at least 18,
  • The individual must pass a background check
  • The individual must complete a firearms safety course to obtain a firearms license.

Individuals Prohibited from Possessing Firearms:

  • People who have been convicted of a violent crime before.
  • People who have a history of mental illness records.
  • People who have been banned by the court to possess firearms or weapons.

How to Use of Firearms and Weapons in Saskatchewan?

First, it is illegal to use a firearm or weapon recklessly. You cannot use firearms and weapons while getting intoxicated, endangering the safety of another person, and discharging a firearm in a public place.

Then, it is also illegal to point a firearm or weapon at a person. This offence is considered a serious threat and can carry a significant penalty.

Transportation Method of Firearms and Weapons

Users must transport firearms and weapons safely and securely. It is best to have firearms in a locked case when not in use. In addition, the firearms case must be in a vehicle’s trunk.

Penalties for Firearms and Weapons Offences

The penalties for firearms and weapons offences in Saskatchewan vary depending on the brutality of the offence. Some offences involve the use of a firearm or weapon to commit another crime, such as assault or robbery. These can bring very serious penalties, including life in prison.

What are the Defences to Firearms and Weapons Offences?

The firearms and weapons offences lawyer in Saskatchewan can build up many defence strategies based on the brutality of the case. These defences can be broadly categorized into the following:

  • Lack of Knowledge: Lawyers will show the firearm holder who does not know the rules in the province.
  • Mistake of Fact: When the weapon holders commit mistakes unwillingly, lawyers can prove that as a subconscious mistake.
  • Self-defence: Lawyers will claim that firearm holders used weapons to save themselves from any potential criminal or danger.
  • Entrapment: It is possible to get convicted from a trap set by anyone. Lawyers can prove this as a conspiracy against the convict.


The Firearms Act and other federal management regulate firearms and weapons in Saskatchewan. The Criminal Code of Canada contains several offences related to the possession, use, and trafficking of firearms and weapons.

So, you must follow the rules while carrying and using concealed weapons to stay safe from the laws. Once you follow those, your family and community will also become safe from any unanticipated events.


What is the new firearms law in Saskatchewan?

The new Saskatchewan Firearms Act establishes licensing requirements for individuals. It applies to those involved in firearms seizure, ensures fair compensation for seized firearms, and implements a provincial firearms regulatory system to promote responsible firearms ownership.

Do you have to register guns in Saskatchewan?

In Saskatchewan, you must possess a valid registration certificate for each restricted firearm in your possession. An approved verifier must inspect if it is registered for the first time, has been transferred to a new owner, or has undergone significant modifications before registration.

Can you shoot on your own land in Saskatchewan?

Yes. Landowners have the right to hunt on their own property in Saskatchewan. They can also permit others to hunt on their land. If you have land, you can advertise to attract hunters to hunt on your properties. So, having a firearm or weapon in self-owned private property is very friendly in Saskatchewan.

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