Uber Tristram is a Diablo 2 Resurrected guide that will help you beat the game

Uber Tristram is a Diablo 2 Resurrected guide that will help you beat the game

As soon as we heard the rumors on these forums that there was no limit to the number of Hellfire Torches a player could have in their inventory (in reality, you can only have a single Hellfire Torch), we immediately thought about how easily they would be farmed and abused. Well, I’ve come to realize that they most likely will be, but it’s going to take a dedicated group of experienced players to make it happen!

This “quest” is best completed by a diverse group of people, but you do not need a large group of people to complete it.

  • Obtaining Keys is the first goal
  • To do anything on the 1
  • 11 “quest,” you must first obtain the necessary keys
  • Keys that are unique
  • For more information on key spawning, see the table below:The Countess (Act 1, Tower Cellar 5) is the key to the Key of Terror
  • The Summoner (Act 2, Arcane Sanctuary) is a character in the Key of Hate
  • Nihlathalk, the Key of Destruction (Act 5, Halls of Vaught) is a character in the game

The presence of keys is much more common than the presence of any other individual D2R items, but it may still take several runs to spawn one. One team member should be responsible for doing runs on a consistent basis until you find one key of each type (sorcs or nigma’d hammerdans are ideal for this, obviously). Once you have one of each key, place them all in the cube (while still in act 5) and you will be transported to one of three randomly generated levels. To progress further in the “quest,” it is necessary to complete all three levels.

There are three levels
The Matron’s Den is a place where women can relax and unwind.
This is the large labyrinth where the elusive Lilith is believed to be hiding. Because it’s done in the same style as the Tower Cellar, and it has the same narrow corridors and passageways. The possibility exists that Lilith will spawn in an open area, but this is unlikely to happen. She will most likely be in a bad location. Hammerdains have little effect on the situation because of the hallways. It’s best to use a crushing blow smiter on her if you want to get a relatively quick victory over her. According to what I could tell, she is a magic absorber who relies heavily on poison and physical damage to survive. Having good defense and resists will make her life a lot easier.

Diablo’s Horn is an artifact
The Forgotten Dunes are a group of sand dunes that have been forgotten for a long time.
You’ll be attacked by an uber Duriel clone in a wide open desert, and you’ll be dead before you know it. Cold resists and high defense will make you nearly invulnerable to Duriel, just as she did in the original game. Stacking cold resists and high defense will make you nearly invulnerable to Duriel. Not to mention that magic damage simply cuts right through him, allowing Hammerdains to sit back and slam away with their hammers with no difficulty. When compared to The Matron’s Den, it is relatively simple to stay away from the other monsters in the level.

Baal’s Eye Furnace of Pain is an artifact
I’m not sure what the correct name for this level is, but it doesn’t really matter because as soon as you enter this level, you’re transported to a vast landscape reminiscent of the River of Flame, which is teeming with Act 4 baddies. Mull around until you come across the uber-Izual and get your ass kicked a little by him, and then leave. Due to the fact that he appeared to be magic absorbent, Hammerdans appear to have no real purpose other than to protect the other party members from the various other minions in the level. As with Lilith, it appears that a Crushing Blow Smiter is the most expedient way to defeat him, but if you can lure him into a good position, meteor sorcs and other elemental attackers can wear him down and force him to submit.

Uber Tristram’s Mephisto’s Brain is an artifact
You must now travel to Act 5 and transmute all of the brother’s artifacts once you have gathered them all. You are rewarded with the opening of a portal that leads to a hellish Tristram that contains enough firepower to make you cry. Beginning with just the three brothers, Meph, Diablo, and Baal, things get a little more complicated quickly. Diablo is essentially the same as the Uber D that drops anni’s and is tied to the world event, so I won’t go into too much detail about him. Furthermore, with the exception of a little more life, Baal hasn’t changed much from the version you see at the end of Act 5. A Smiter or a Zealot can easily deal with either of these situations. Meph, on the other hand, has emerged as the most dangerous of them all. He has a nasty Conviction Aura that has reduced my stacked hell resists to -45, even though they are normally at their maximum. Not to mention that he is enchanted with lightning and possesses a godly level of physical strength. As if that weren’t bad enough, he has the ability to absorb magic, rendering hammers virtually useless. Life tap and a lot of crushing blow/deadly strike are pretty much required to defeat him.

The real kicker here is that all three summon minions that appear from beneath the surface of the earth. Therefore, using an item such as Natural Peace, which keeps monsters from being resurrected, will not stop the minions from being resurrected; instead, the brothers will summon more. Maintaining a NP ring in your inventory for when you encounter a boss, on the other hand, is a good idea because it is critical that you do wear something that has Prevent Monster Heal on it. The charm is dropped along with a slew of “standards of heroes,” which don’t appear to have any real purpose other than to deter people from picking up the Torch or using pickit (once a 1.11 version of the game is released) to get the Torch over their party-mates as soon as they are killed.

Suggestions for the party: 1. Smiter/Zealot – Either of these works
1. Crushing Clow and Deadly Strike are all they really need, along with good resists and a lot of defense, to do their job effectively and efficiently. When facing the brothers, it’s critical that they have access to a life-saving device, otherwise they will be defeated quickly.

2. “Medic” Paladain – A variation on the Smiter/Zealot, a “Medic” Paladain’s sole purpose is to prevent your party from becoming a victim of the boss’s enchantments and abilities. It’s critical to have a few points in Salvation in order to overcome Meph’s conviction, and points in other skills such as Meditation are also helpful in this situation, as well. When it comes to offense, they should have a lot of Crushing Blow and zeal, but they can sacrifice some damage for +skills to improve the defensive abilities of their party.

3. Infinity Lightning Sorc – A lightning sorc with an infinity merc is without a doubt one of the strongest https://www.aoeah.com/news-tag-diablo-2-resurrected-beginner-guide in the game, and it has the potential to be a crucial component of completing the mission. They can easily do runs to collect keys because they have teleportation, and they also have some useful skills to use against the bosses.

4. WW/BO Barb – It is critical to have a good BO! Due to the fact that the bosses can deal out a lot more damage than most players are accustomed to, it is critical that you have a high maximum life so that you do not die in a single hit and can allow life tap to do its work. A useful little trick for keeping the summoned minions at bay while your team mates are working on the bosses is World War II (WW).

Hammerdian – I had to include them because they pretty much run the game outside of this quest, but they are still useful when embarking on this new adventure. The hammers are particularly effective against the summoned minions in Uber Trist, so if the red portal becomes encircled, you can simply send a few hammers in to clear it quickly. Aside from that, the majority of the major bosses are equipped with magic absorb or magic resist.

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