Top games at THA casino

THA casino is a famous bookmaker besides other names as Thienhabet or Ku casino. Today, we will make a overall review about top games at THA casino.

The original of THA casino

Before 2019, THA was headquartered in Cambodia and has operated strongly here. After that, it has expanded its operational activities in other Asian countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand…

By 2019, the parent company, JiuZhow Group, decided to move its headquarters to the Philippines. Despite of this change, THA is still the top name in the Asian online betting market.

Top games at THA casino

THA casino is a bookie with a wide variety of game categories from sports betting, live casino, online lotto, e-sports betting, game slots, shooting fish… In general, this bookie is usually rated 5 stars for all the games and service.  Rút tiền thabet

Sports Betting

There are many games for you to choose at THA casino such as: Betting on volleyball, badminton, table tennis, tennis, horse racing … and of course football betting is indispensable. At the moment, football betting is still the top choice of THA’s players.

Why is that? Because football betting at THA casino always has the higher odds than other bookies. Therefore, players should choose football betting at THA for their own sakes. More than that, with the development of technology, the football bet at THA casino is always updated with the real time matches. You don’t have to wait until the end of the game to get your bet result as in other bookies.

Live casino games

The live casino game category is full of the hottest games such as: Baccarat, sicbo, roulette and especially online poker.

In Asian online betting market, there are a lot of game providers but THA is still the best. Why so?

It is because that THA casino interface is beautiful, easy to observe and manipulate, especially the female dealers are always beautiful and charming. This feature is the most fascinating thing when you play at THA casino because you can interact with the dealers, not silent as other casinos.

Lottery online

On the Tha Lottery page, we provide you with countless lottery games of all genres from Vietnam, Thailand to Taiwan lottery. Players can choose from Lotobet, livebet, 1Mbet, mega 6/45, and so on. All of these has the higher chance to win than other bookies.

The best thing here is playing 3-domain lotteries with the payout ratio is from 1 to 99, which is much higher than real lottery. Winning money is always added to the account and can be withdrawn to the bank within 3 minutes.


There are so much more to talk about THA casino such as its high withdrawal and deposit procedure, the top customer care department or something else. But, the core of an online casino, the game category is always the reason for the popularity of THA casino. Please join with us and you will both enjoy the fun of the game as well as making a lot of money.


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