Mattress’s can be divided into several categories, which do you like?

1) Hardboard bed

Strictly speaking, the hardboard bed should not be considered a mattress. Notorious back pain gods, but in real life directly to sleep on a hard board bed is not much, right.

I remember the first time I went to my mother-in-law’s house, even though I laid a cotton mattress, I still had trouble sleeping all night on the bed and got up the next day with aches and pains.

2)Multi-layer cotton mattress

Although now the mattress material development, but the multi-layer cotton mattress may still be the most used mattress in Chinese families. I grew up sleeping on a cotton mattress, I remember when I was a child, my mother took the mattress to the balcony in the sun, the afternoon back to lay, sleep at night in the full flavor of the sun in a deep sleep …… well, now I know, that smell is the smell of mite corpses ……

There are many advantages of cotton mattresses, good economy, good warmth, warm, dry and breathable in the fresh sun. The disadvantages, there are many, is to sleep for a period of time, the cotton will be compacted, wet, need frequent maintenance, it is best to a few years to replace the cotton once. The support of the mattress in general, will attract mites (the smell of sunshine ah). Overall, it can be said that no merit, especially in the north is the economic and practical choice of most families.

3) Spring mattress

Impression, spring mattress is the 1980s, just the reform and opening up into China.

With so many years of technological development at iSense Sleep, the current spring mattress technology has been very mature.

Generally speaking, the structure of the spring mattress consists of bed net, filling and fabric.

Bed network: is the middle of the spring layer. Is the heart of the mattress, a bed net is good or bad directly determines the quality of the mattress, and the quality of a bed net is determined by the spring coverage, the texture of the steel, the core diameter and caliber of the spring and other factors. Coverage ratio: refers to the proportion of the area occupied by the spring in the whole bed net area. Generally speaking, the higher the spring coverage rate, the better the quality of the mattress, the state regulations, each mattress spring coverage rate must be above 60% to be considered up to standard. The earliest bed network using the “link spring structure”, this structure is a whole bed network, simple structure and low cost, but many shortcomings, poor resistance to interference, easy fatigue collapse, etc., early spring mattress injury waist, and this structure is not unrelated. After years of development, the mattress is now often high-end are “independent cylinder pocket spring”, it is wrapped with cotton to each spring independently, and then high tenacity quilting process will be connected to the spring bag, because each spring cylinder can be individually expanded, can completely fit the body for support, there will be no body suspension, while each The parts will not affect each other at all, anti-interference is particularly good, each spring wrapped by the fabric, there will be no sound of metal rubbing against each other, excellent silent performance; at the same time, the fabric bag also plays a protective role on the spring, effectively stop the erosion of the air vapor and other erosion of the spring, to prevent the spring aging and rust, greatly extending the service life of the mattress. But this spring structure process is difficult, the process is not good independent cylinder spring mattress is prone to local collapse and other situations, and the cost of this structure is also higher.

Filler: in order to improve the use of mattress function and durability, to ensure the comfort of the mattress, you can add some filler above each bed net, including parallel net, generation of brown, sea sponge, knitted fiber cotton, non-woven fabric, etc..

Now the spring mattress in the filler up and down a lot of work, a variety of composite materials are used upwards, latex, slow rebound, gel nothing to use.

Fabric: fabric is the outermost layer of the mattress wrapped mattress body fabric. Generally smooth, beautiful, high-end fabrics do anti-mite treatment.

Overall, the spring mattress is the most widely available mattress on the market, because according to the process, it can be soft or hard, coupled with the deep processing of industrial products, the technology content of each product level of technology leads to the actual product varies widely. If the cotton mattress is the most widely used mattress in Chinese families, then in the young and middle-aged population, spring mattress is probably the most widely used mattress.

4)Brown mattress

Palm pad is also more traditional, the use of a very wide range of mattresses. Palm pad the name is simple, in fact, the classification is very much. Simply put, from the raw material can be divided into mountain palm and coconut palm, from the hard and soft can be divided into soft pad, hard pad and soft hard pad.

Soft cushion, hard cushion, this is related to the process. Soft cushion is generally woven with coir, the middle gap is larger, more comfortable, breathable point. Hard cushions are pressed and glued, it is worth noting here, glued hard cushions, be sure to smell there is no odor, try to choose a big brand, because if the glue is more harmful ingredients, the body damage is still relatively large, after all, the choice of brown cushions, the general pursuit of health. There are also soft and hard cushion, in fact, is a combination of soft and hard cushion, one side soft side hard, more suitable for the wavering crowd.

Overall, the brown pad is still hard, even if the soft brown pad, is also hard than the cotton mattress. The advantages of economy is better, more suitable for people who like hard mattresses, the disadvantage is that it is easy to handle badly insects, breathability in general, more afraid of moisture.

5) Latex

Latex mattress is a new type of best mattress for side sleepers material that has become popular in recent years. Great elasticity, good support, good breathability, good moisture absorption, sterilization and mite, physical comfort. Perhaps in many people’s imagination, latex characteristics is “soft”, in fact, “soft” and “elastic”, is not the same thing. I sleep at home is 18cm latex mattress (hardness 90D), not at all as imagined, “the whole person into”, in fact, than the same thickness of the cotton mattress trapped in a small.

The latex mattress feels like a very elastic QQ candy. After people lie on it, latex will fit the body, get a larger contact area, the body’s gravity evenly dispersed throughout the mattress, without causing too much pressure on a certain part of the body. Specifically, you can refer to the author’s an original, on several mattress test.

But the latex mattress products are currently mixed, the market is confusing. The real pure natural latex does not exist, all need a variety of additives synthetic rubber to shape, the original content of natural latex is high and low. Large brands of mattresses are often tens of thousands of dollars, the quality of small brands are not assured.

Comprehensive, I think latex mattress basically has a good mattress almost all the advantages. Disadvantages, one is the price is expensive, and then the market confusion, not like spring mattress so mature.

6) Slow rebound mattress

Slow rebound is also called memory foam, the legend is the 1960s by the U.S. space agency (NASA) developed, with open cell structure and temperature-sensitive decompression characteristics, can also be called a temperature-sensitive decompression material.

Some people say that the slow rebound is the most comfortable material for the current body, this point is basically recognized by me. Lying in the slow rebound pillow / mattress above, as if lying in a liquid, there is a wonderful sense of suspension. However, the problem with slow rebound is that because it is a deeply processed industrial product, and the technology is only in the hands of a few companies, so for now, it is difficult to find a health, life, cost of the sweet spot.

7) Feather mattress

Down mattress as the name implies is a mattress filled with down. This down fluffiness is also very high, similar to the down jacket, 550 puffs a lot, some can even reach thousands of puffs. So the characteristics of the down mattress is light, soft and moist, so that people seem to have the feeling of being in the clouds. As said before, latex mattress is not soft but bouncy, then the down mattress is really soft.

Feather mattress sizes in the West to accept a relatively high degree, in recent years in China is gradually accepted with the prevalence of five-star hotels. Down warm, good moisture absorption, but the disadvantage is that the support is almost no (of course, generally no one will only use the down mattress, generally in the other mattress above the layer), the thickness can not be too thick, not too good care.

The combination of said, the ultimate light and soft lead to like people really like, do not like people really do not like. Economy is also good.

8) Gel mattress

Gel mattress because of the cost and body feeling, often do not exist alone, but in other materials on the mattress processing on a layer of jelly-like gel. Gel mattress in addition to the deformation of the gel to bring a better fit for the body, the main thing is that the gel is relatively strong heat absorption capacity, in summer, lying on the gel mattress has a sense of coolness. Relatively speaking, the cost is relatively high and the effect is limited, interested friends can consider getting a gel pillow first experience.

9) other niche materials

Including water beds, air mattresses and so on. However, these beds or mattresses are more restricted scenes, generally not suitable for home use, really want to experience, you can consider going to some hotels to experience the experience inside.

In addition, there are a variety of exotic materials mattress, such as 3D pad, ice sand pad, etc., but too rare, here will not repeat.


Sleep experience is a very individual thing, not a standard can be distinguished by “absolutely good” and “absolutely bad”. Talking about good and bad without habits is like the “sweet and salty bean curd debate”, which is meaningless. As long as and within a reasonable range, you feel the most comfortable, is the most suitable for your mattress. Cost, I think as long as you can afford, and do not have to set a budget or budget as loose as possible, compared to the utilization of other furniture, investment in the mattress is still quite worth it.

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