Tips to Declutter Your Garage at Home

If you’re like most homeowners in Australia, you will have experienced the pain of having a cluttered and disorganised garage. Often, the garage becomes a dumping ground where all sorts of items end up. Decluttering your garage can feel daunting…but it doesn’t need to be. With some simple steps, you can easily take control of an otherwise chaotic space.

  1. Start with a plan: Before you start decluttering your garage, it’s important to have a plan in place. Decide what items you want to keep and which ones you’d like to discard, donate or sell. Having a clear idea of your end goal will make the decluttering process much easier.
  2. Group similar items: To help with the sorting process, group any similar items together on shelves or storage containers; this will help you to quickly identify what needs to be kept and what can go. For example, you can put all gardening items together, all holiday decorations in one box, and all tools in another container.
  3. Create designated spots: Designate specific areas of the garage for different items. This is a great way to keep items together, such as tools in one corner, sports gear in another, and gardening supplies in yet another corner; this will help maintain some order in your garage. Once you’ve grouped items and put them in designated spots, this is half the battle won already.
  4. Invest in storage solutions: Take advantage of storage options that are available for the garage, such as shelving units or cabinets. You can also look for specialised storage solutions for items like bikes and golf clubs. For example, Over Bonnet Storage in Melbourne is growing in popularity. Elsewhere, consider investing in hooks and overhead storage options to get items off the floor.
  5. Be willing to lose items: It’s likely that some items will not be useful to you anymore. Don’t hoard these items, but consider donating them or throwing them away. Doing this will release more space, and you’ll be able to make the best of your garage. If you haven’t touched or appreciated something over the last year, it might be time to let it go. If you take this approach once per year, you’ll soon get rid of the items you don’t need and free up lots of space.
  6. Do it with friends: If you’re worried about tackling the decluttering process alone, it’s best to do it with friends. This can be a fun experience and offers an extra hand to help sort and declutter. Friends can also offer an honest opinion on which items should stay or leave. This way, you’ll be able to get rid of unnecessary items faster and easier, without any doubts. Of course, you may need to put some pizza up as a prize at the end.

If you follow these tips, you’ll soon have a decluttered and organised garage that you can be proud of. Don’t forget that regular maintenance will help you keep it neat in the long run. Follow your system of organisation, so that when you need something, you can find it easily. Lastly, have fun with the process and enjoy your new organised space. Good luck!

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