Tips and Tricks to Win Big at Crazy Time

The Crazy Time game has become a real breakthrough in the gambling industry today. It was new for users to Evolution place bets on a live stream and receive winnings from the correct prediction. Despite the large number of opportunities, making money in this game is difficult, but quite possible.

Users need to properly work out their strategy. Only in this case will they be able to compensate for unsuccessful rounds and not just earn money, but greatly increase their starting bankroll and receive an additional source of income. Experienced players identify several actions that will help users achieve their goals.

Bankroll Management

The first thing Crazy Time players pay attention to is bankroll management. Users need to control their finances while playing and be able to stop in time. If you don’t keep track of the money, you’ve lost and earned, you may be so far behind your start that you won’t want to play for a long time. But you just needed to properly distribute your finances.

To do this, you can use several interesting approaches:

  • Set your daily budget, for which you are willing to risk and stop playing when you reach the limit;
  • Set a winning limit for daily amounts that you would like to strive for during the day (the ability to stop on time is also important);
  • Keep a daily count of the funds spent and earned during the day;
  • Stick to your strategy and only increase your bet according to your predictions if you are confident of winning.

If you manage your bankroll correctly and don’t try to win back at all costs, you can make very active money using Crazy Time. But in this game, everything will depend not so much on luck, but on proper financial management on the part of the player.

Betting Strategies and Game Knowledge

Before starting the game, think over your actions and work according to the strategy you have built. Most often users are recommended to:

  • study the probability of each element appearing on the wheel (the numbers are repeated more often than bonuses, so it is more likely to make money in the main rounds, but the income will be lower);
  • bonus rounds are placed in either 2 sectors per wheel or 1 (therefore they appear much less frequently than other options);
  • place bets on several positions during a round to expand the possibility of winning;
  • study the statistics of previous rounds to understand the last time large bonuses appeared (the later they appeared, the higher the likelihood of them appearing now);
  • after a big winning, make minimal bets, because most likely the round will be losing.

By following such a strategy, the user can make good money. But the best option would be to create your own unique strategy. To do this, it is best to study the experience of other users, study analytical articles, and understand at what stage and how best to place a bet. Then you can win big.

Interaction and Engagement

Taking on someone else’s experience to build your strategy is a great move for new players. If you study the actions of active users who achieve success in Crazy Time, you will quickly understand how you can win in this game.

Many users play Crazy Time while on vacation or in places where other players gather. Here they can see the real successes and achievements of users and understand how they achieve it.

In such places, players are charged with the energy of gamblers and their success. In the future, this has a positive effect on their actions. Indeed, such emotions will help you form the right steps to achieve your own goals, and then you can count not only on luck but also on your skills and forecasts.

However, in such places, you need to follow etiquette, respect, and courtesy. Otherwise, users will not share with you not only their emotions but even their own experiences. As a result, the player may find himself in a kind of psychological instability and will not be able to achieve big winnings, because he will increasingly doubt the correctness of his actions.


For big winnings, users need to think over their strategy, which will increase the likelihood of their winning. To do this, study reviews, and statistics of major bonuses and analyze the latest drops on the wheel. Remember to allocate certain amounts for the game and do not exceed the daily limits set for you. By following these rules, you will be able to achieve big winnings.

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