Tien Len Mien Nam – Super Product Hottest Card Game 2024 At new88

Southern Tien Len is the most popular game in Nha cai new88 3D card game betting hall. With familiar but extremely attractive rules, this game has conquered millions of bettors at the house. Every turn in the game holds a special charm and has the potential to bring big payouts.

Overview of the prize exchange card game Tien Len Mien new88

With the original traditional Tien Tien game,Bookmaker new88 updated the 3D form of this game in the card game lobby. With only a deck of 52 cards, from 2 to 4 members of the house can compete in attractive bets. new88 maintains the basic game rules so most customers can experience it right away.

This modern version brings many benefits to bettors. You can experience dramatic confrontations right on your small phone and have a chance to win big. Without having to face legal worries and time constraints, bettors will bet more effectively.

Learn the basic rules of Southern Tien Len at new88

If you want to compete in this super card game, bettors need to clearly understand the following game rules.

Rules for dealing and playing cards

One bet of this game allows from 2 to 4 people to participate. No matter how many players there are in the version, each position can only receive 13 cards. All players must arrange the received cards into special links to conveniently play the first card.

In the first betting round, the right to play first belongs to the player who owns the 3 of spades. The players in the next position must block with larger links, the goal is to prevent the opponent from moving forward and gain the right to run the card.

If you do not have a suitable position to block, you will lose your turn and have to wait for the next round. The bet ends when there is a position with no cards in hand, other players will be fined according to the capital level specified at the table and the remaining cards.

Special links in advancing to the South

The goal of each player’s card arrangement is to create the strongest possible connection. Below is the order of increasing strength of the card combinations appearing in this game.

  • Junk: An odd card cannot be connected to any other card in the hand.
  • Pair: A combination of 2 cards of the same value.
  • Sam Co: 3 pieces of the same number combined together.
  • Straight: Gather at least 3 cards whose value is 1 unit higher or lower. Particularly, card 2 cannot appear in any hall.
  • Common pairs: Combinations include 3 or more pairs with values ​​separated by 1 unit.
  • Four of a Kind: Collection of 4 pieces of the same number.

Special case in the card game new88

During a Tien Len Mien Nam bet, the following special cases may appear:
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  • Blind Put: The player who lets the 3 of spades play until the end will receive a penalty for all other players.
  • Rotten: The bet has ended but the bettor still keeps special links such as four of a kind, pair of pines, 1 or more 2s in hand. Based on the broken link, new88 will calculate a specific fine for each case.
  • Cong: Someone has come first but you still haven’t gotten any cards. The bettor will be fined twice the bet amount and change 2 or special links in the card.
  • Compensation: You have the ability to block but do not play a card so your opponent can return and cause others to freeze and you will have to pay the village.
  • White win: Player bet wins without having to play cards if in hand there are 5 pairs of cards or any 6 pairs, four of a kind, 2nd quarter, straight from 3 to A, 12 cards of the same suit.

Instructions for participating in Southern Tien Len betting at new88

If you want to experience this legendary game at bookmaker new88, players can apply the following process:

  • Step 1: Access your new88 betting account and enter the game lobbyCard game 3D. Choose the game Tien Len Mien Nam and find a betting table with the appropriate capital level for you.
  • Step 2: Click ready to let the system deal the cards then play the first card if you own 3 spades. In case you don’t have the right to go first, wait for the opponent to show cards and block with a higher position to follow the round. Try to gain the right to go first to run the cards and apply strategies depending on the actual situation to go first.


Tien Len Mien Nam will bring tense and dramatic moments for each player. new88 will help you experience the fairest and most attractive bets. Come to the house’s 3D card game lobby to participate and learn about other hot card games.

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