The Damages You Can Recover After Sustaining Injuries and Losses in a Truck Accident

In a truck accident, the kind and amount of damages you can collect depends on the facts and circumstances of your case. If you have a solid case, you can seek economic and non-economic damages to help stabilize your finances as you recover from your injuries.

There are a lot of reasons a truck accident can happen. One of the common reasons is human error. If you have been injured in a truck accident, you need to get legal advice to ensure you know the steps to take to successfully recover the damages you deserve.

Dangers of Truck Accidents

Truck drivers need to meet specific criteria and get a special license to be able to operate a truck. A commercial truck’s size and weight make them particularly dangerous on the road. Thus, drivers need to take extra precautions to make sure those around them are safe. Otherwise, a trucker’s negligence can significantly affect their health and well-being as well as of others.

How to Prove a Truck Driver’s Liability

To collect compensation for a truck collision, you should determine how California insurance laws apply to your case. Because California is a fault state, you need to file a claim against the insurance company of the at-fault driver. But you need to prove liability first. Usually, insurers investigate an accident immediately to determine who caused the crash and make a settlement offer.

But victims usually cannot evaluate their damages and the insurance company’s settlement offer may not be enough to cover all their losses.  If you sustained severe injuries, an attorney can help you establish liability and pursue the compensation you are entitled to. Feel free to visit to know more about – id god

What Compensation Can You Collect?

The kinds of damage you can collect depend on your case’s details including the at-fault driver, the extent of your injuries, factors involved in the crash, and where the crash took place. Usually, you or your family can seek both economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages refer to monetary losses you sustained because of the truck accident. They include medical bills, medication costs, additional healthcare expenses, lost wages, lost future wages, and related transportation costs. Meanwhile, non-economic damages are losses that cannot be quantified because of their subjective nature. They include pain and suffering, loss of consortium, mental anguish, disfigurement or permanent scarring, and mental anguish. If the court finds that the actions of the at-fault driver were especially heinous, they may award punitive damages.

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