Revolutionizing Electrophysiology Procedures with Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath

Discover APT Medical, a trusted provider of innovative medical devices designed specifically for Electrophysiology (EP) procedures. Their comprehensive range of solutions includes the Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath. The advanced devices are revolutionizing EP interventions by offering enhanced control, precision, and versatility.

Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath: Superior Kink Resistance

The Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath combine a stainless steel braided structure with a smooth puncture transition. This innovative design offers superior kink resistance and curve durability, ensuring optimal performance even during lengthy procedures. The multiple curve options available for different clinical needs. The plastic handle provides superior tactile feedback and visualization, enabling precise transseptal punctures.

Enhancing Precision and Stability

The Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath offers a distinct feature that sets it apart in the field. The utilization of a nylon elastic material in the construction of the transseptal sheath ensures a stable curve of the sheath during procedures. This unique characteristic plays a vital role in facilitating precise transseptal access, allowing medical professionals to navigate through the septum with ease and accuracy. The stable curve provided by the nylon elastic material enhances procedural success by ensuring optimal positioning and stability throughout the transseptal procedure. With the Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath, medical providers can confidently perform electrophysiology procedures, knowing that they have a reliable tool that supports their efforts to achieve accurate and successful outcomes.


Choose APT Medical as your trusted partner in advancing Electrophysiology procedures. Their Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath empower healthcare professionals with superior control, precision, and versatility. Elevate your EP interventions with their innovative solutions and drive improved patient outcomes.

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