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How old is Nicolas Cage? How many movies has Nicolas been in? Con Air Nicolas? What is Nicolas Cage’s Net Worth? If you want to know everything about Nicholas Cage Net Worth, Life and Career then keep reading!

He is an American filmmaker and actor who was born on January 7, 1964. Now, Nicolas age is 58 years. Cage height is approximately equal to 1.83 m.  Nicolas Kim Coppola has been nominated for major cinematic awards. And he has won a series of awards for his movie Leaving Las Vegas in 1995, including an Academy Award, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award. In 1984, he was listed as one of twelve Promising New Actors by John Willis’ Screen World, Vol. 36.

Nicolas Kim Coppola  is a well-known actor in Hollywood who is known for his generous donations to various charities. He has donated funds to medical services, rehabilitation shelters, and psychological and reintegration services for kids. He even granted $2 million to Amnesty International for kids caught in conflicts. During Hurricane Katrina, he granted $1 million to the sufferers. He has also supported raising awareness programs for fundamental rights. He was the first to support ArtWorks and worked for freedom from child labor and from slavery. 


In 1982 Nicolas made his film debut in the coming-of-age film, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. His next film was ‘Valley Girl, which was released the following year. A few years later, he played the role of ‘Peter Leow in the movie ‘Vampire Kiss’; for which he agreed to eat a live cockroach for his role. He starred in his biggest box-office hit ‘national Treasure’ which also starred Jon Voight and Harvey Keitel. The following year, he starred in films such as ‘Lord of War’ and ‘The Weather Man.

2006 was a big year for Nicolas Kim Coppola because he starred in “Too Tough to Die” and “World Trade Center”. The following year proved to be even more successful for him, with a series of hit releases including “Ghost Rider”, “The Dresden Files” and its sequel, and “National Treasure: Book of Secrets”. 2010 was a truly magical year for Cage because he not only starred in a historical film, “Season of the Witch”, but also appeared as the sorcerer “Balthazar”. From 2011 to 2013, Cage kept busy with a number of film roles, including in “Trespass”, “Seeking Justice”, “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” and the animated film “The Croods”. Cage works At least 109 movies in his career.

Nicolas Cage Movies

  • Nicolas Pig
  • Leaving Las Vegas (Movie, 1995) 
  • The Rock (Movie, 1996) 
  • Face/Off (Movie, 1997) 
  • National Treasure (Movie, 2004) 

The upcoming Nicolas Cage new movie name is Renfield.

Personal Life

Nicolas Cage Spouse

There are total 5 Nicolas spouse and their names are below:

  1. Patricia Arquette
  2. Lisa Marie Presley
  3. Alice Kim
  4. Erika Koike
  5. Riko Shibata

Nicolas dated actress Christina Fulton for different years, and the two had a son, Weston (b. 1990).  In 1995, he married Patricia Arquette, and the couple divorced in 2001. He married Lisa Marie Presley From 2002 to 2004. The actor married Alice Kim in 2004 and they had a son, Kal-El, in 2005. In 2019, Cage’s married fourth time and then Nicolas Cage wife name was Erika Koike  but the couple filed for an annulment four days later.

Nicolas Cage Young

Nicolas Cage Net Worth – How much is Nicolas Cage worth?

Nicolas Kim Coppola is a very successful and famous actor in America. He has achieved a lot of success in his movies. He is also a filmmaker and producer and has done some great work in those roles as well. The Net Worth Nicolas Cage in 2020 is $18 Million. The estimated Nicolas Cage Net Worth 2021 is $21 Million. Now, the roughly estimated Nicolas Cage Net Worth 2022 is 25 million dollars.


Nicolas is an excellent actor with a wealth of experience. He may not be as wealthy as he was a few years ago, but he is still a very successful and versatile actor. His unique hobbies and interests include collecting rare cars and houses, and he has even owned castles and villas at one point! He has spent millions of dollars on his hobbies, but there is no denying that Nicolas is a phenomenon.

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