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New88 Prestige and quality should be trusted and chosen by many brothers. The brand provides a series of popular games, providing a top-notch experience space for everyone. Especially the strong attraction from the unique Esport betting hall. Therefore, you should not ignore the following information to better understand this entertainment address.

The strengths of the Esport betting hall at New88

New88 considered the leading online betting brand on the market. The successful playground attracts customers to dramatic Esport matches with strengths such as:

Safe deposit and withdrawal and quality assurance

Ensuring safety during the deposit and withdrawal process is the criterion that the company sets and firmly implements. New88 Accompany you with many different forms of deposit and withdrawal. People can choose to transact using banks, e-wallets, scratch cards, etc.

All of these forms of deposit and withdrawal are performed quickly and accurately. The information provided by players is also completely confidential during the transaction process.

Huge promotional event for members

Not only does it bring quality and branded Esport playgrounds New88 Also organizes various promotional events. The promotion program applies to many game activities and is available to all members. Therefore, just register as a member to become a recipient of the house’s rewards.

High technology security for customer information

Aiming for safety and security is key, New88 Using advanced two-layer firewall technology combined with end-to-end encryption. Therefore, the information provided by customers is completely confidential from unauthorized intrusion.

Not only that, the address also has a privacy policy and requires members to comply with it to ensure account safety. The house will also comply with its requirements to provide the best quality experience space.

The customer care system is guaranteed professional

Owning a team of professional staff New88 can always answer customer questions anytime, anywhere. You just need to contact through the forms proposed by the brand.

All will be received quickly and answered specifically. The staff has gone through formal training classes and operates professionally. Not only that, it operates 24/7 to accompany members at all times.

Check out the top featured Esports games at New88

Esports betting at New88 Highly appreciated when the system brings together a series of outstanding games. You can experience:

  • CS GO
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Arena of valor

Besides, the house also offers many other games of the highest quality and popularity on the market. High reward games and simple bets help you have the most exciting moments of experience when participating in the experience at the brand.

How to participate in Esports betting at bookmaker  New88

You want to participate in betting at Esports New88 can be done according to the following procedures:

  • Step 1: Bet players log in to the house using the official link.
  • Step 2: You deposit money using supported brand forms.
  • Step 3: Everyone quickly goes to the main menu, select the Sports betting lobby Expost.
  • Step 4: You choose an Esport game, bet and experience. People can choose LOL (League of Legends), CSGO, PUBG,DoTa2, AOV – Arena of valor, …. to experience

You receive rewards for winning Esport bets according to the odds set by the house. The prescribed bonus payment time is carried out quite quickly and accurately. That’s why, right after the betting results were announced, members had their prizes in their pockets.

Top popular promotions from New88

To express gratitude and create conditions for you to have a higher chance of receiving rewards. New88 Organizing many attractive Esports promotions. Popular Esports programs that the brand launches include:

  • Welcome new recruits who successfully registered an account.
  • First deposit and receive a 100% bonus of the deposit card value as soon as you join the Esports bookmaker.
  • Second deposit bonus up to 50% of the card.
  • Brothers check in on Esports betting every day and receive promotions on their accounts.
  • High returns on many Esports activities. In some programs, you can receive up to 3.5% refund for each bet of the day.
  • Bet players introduce new members to receive great incentives.
  • Players who deposit a lot during the month have the opportunity to receive gratitude rewards.
  • Especially during holidays, the address will launch a series of programs with extremely high rates for you to participate.


 New88 Providing the highest quality entertainment space for bettors. Not only diverse in rewards but also prestigious during operations. The brand is committed to being a worthy companion for everyone to trust. So please register to bet here to win big rewards every day.

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