Must-Try Ethnic Wear for Women

Ethnic wear has slowly moved out of the wardrobes because of contemporary fashion. However, nowadays, ethnic wear is making its way back in the market because of its comfortable fitting. Women in India generally experience a very busy day. Post the pandemic, moving out is the last thing anyone wants to do. Everyone has become accustomed to staying in their comfort zone.

As a result, women face more difficulty in handling both office work and household chores. Because of the same reason, they need something like a yellow kurta plazo set or any functional outfit that is easy to don and move around. This is also the reason why there is a huge collection of both daily ethnic wear outfits and festive ethnic wear outfits.

Types of Ethnic Wear: Daily and Festive Ethnic Wear

Ethnic wear in itself has multiple derivations based on colours, design patterns, and occasion. What daily wear includes is a more comfortable fit. Daily ethnic wear again gets parted into two categories. One of them is ethnic wear for home, and the other one is ethnic wear at the workplace. On the other hand, festive ethnic wear is more of a heavy traditional dress. What brings them to common ground is the comfortable fitting of the dresses.

But it is not only the comfort level that decides the dress. Instead, it is the occasion that determines what kind of ethnic outfit to wear. Daily ethnic wear outfits are comfortable enough to allow you to move here and there. A cotton black kurta set for women is a perfect example of daily ethnic wear. Below are some ideas for daily ethnic wear, be it at home or the office. Along with that, there are also ideas for festive ethnic wear.

Ethnic Wear Outfit Ideas

Due to features like mix-and-match options, comfort and good looks, ethnic wear has a variety of ideas. Ethnic wear is gaining popularity all around the globe, paired with western clothes like jeans and tops. Here are a few ethnic wear outfit ideas to wear on different occasions.

Plazo and Kurta Set

Plazo and kurta set is an evergreen ethnic outfit for all occasions. If you’re going to wear one at your office, dress in a simple manner with a light dupatta. You can also wear silver oxidised jewellery to pair with the set. But if you are having a house party or some function, you can wear a designer kurta-plazo set. To top off the dress, wear some heavy jewellery along with heels. It will make the look of the complete outfit more beautiful. Moreover, it can be a great combination to try at home for daily wear. Most women have this outfit in lighter designs stocked in their wardrobes for wearing at home. It allows easy movement and has a comfortable fitting.

Short Kurti Sets

The short size of Kurtis has become very trending among the young generation. It is a comfortable fit top to wear. One can easily match it with any jacket. You can also make a pair with jeans, straight pants, and shararas to match perfectly. Jeans and a short Kurti with a jutti as footwear is a great match for regular wear. Short Kurti with shararas and a dupatta can be an elegant dress for any special occasion.

Pair with A-Line Kurti

A-line or straight Kurtis are very common in Indian households. It is one of the most relaxing and comfortable ethnic wear outfits. It is an outfit that works throughout the year, except for the shivering winters. Wearing an A-line yellow kurta plazo set is perfect for walking into the office. Other than that, you can also style up by adding an overcoat during the winter.

Anarkali Kurti Sets

The Anarkali style Kurtis have revolved around the globe, and with every stop, a new design has come up. From short length to full length, the ethnicity of the design stays the same. It is an evergreen ethnic top to wear to style in any place. You can wear a short Kurti with jeans to the workplace or you can also use them as comfy daily wear by pairing them with trousers. Speaking of occasions, an Anarkali suit is all you need to look like a gorgeous person in the room.

Kaftan Suit Sets

A perfect solution to beat the heat and survive the sticky monsoon weather. Kaftan-style black kurta for women is taking over the market. These are perfect for those looking for loose and floaty Kurtas. When we talk about its length, it drops down to the ankles. Moreover, the sleeves of these kurtas are comparatively wider than usual. Thus making them an all-time favourite design for women who prefer quality wear.

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The journey of ethnic wear in closets has been on and off throughout the timeline. But honestly, there is no comfortable outfit other than an ethnic dress pair no matter what the occasion.  So, we hope this information provided you with all the necessary information about the must-have ethnic wear for women.

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