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Today we will highlight the most exclusive and royal design in the ethnic fashion industry. Yes, we are talking about Anarkali design suit sets. The Anarkali suit sets gained popularity after the movie Mughal-e-Azam. However, they originated a long time ago, from the era of the Mughals. Moreover, the Bollywood influence made it a status symbol in society. As a result, only the upper class could afford heavily embroidered Anarkali gowns. In the early times, Anarkali design was not a major part of women’s ethnic fashion. Instead, most rulers during the rule of the Mughal Empire wore Anarkali-style dresses. However, later on, just like LG Linen it became a popular design of women’s clothing. Let’s discuss about this royal ethnic fashion in more detail.

Evolution of Anarkali Style Suits

The traditional ethnic designs became so popular around the globe that everyone adopted them. Slowly, new designs and patterns came up in Anarkali suits.  A few designs are panel designs with variations, circular designs, layered, etc. In addition, there are many modern designs like cape designs, jacket designs, asymmetrical and many more designs. These suits are picture-perfect for any place or any occasion. They have gained so much popularity that they might be here for a long time. So, let us explore these designs and other facts about Anarkali’s design.

Different Ethnic Designs of Anarkali From Around The Globe

Floor Length Anarkali Suit

Every bride dreams of wearing a red boutique suit that is in Anarkali style. This common desire of all women speaks for the popularity of these designs. The floor-length Anarkali suits are available in many designer patterns. The heavy ones are ideal for wearing on special occasions, and the simpler designs are ideal for daily wear. Pairing simple or minimal design aanrkali floor length kurta with jeans or palazzo can also make them an office go-to wear.

Circular Design Anarkali Suit

The appearance of a circular Anarkali design is similar to that of an umbrella. These types of suits consist of two pieces: one is the top wear, and the other one is the skirt. Generally, they have separate bodices and skirts. At the floor length, it has shiny borders. Along with the suit, you can carry a dupatta as you wish. Additionally, It is a perfect ethnic Anarkali outfit for the festive season and special wedding occasions.

Cape Design Anarkali Suit

The cape design of the Anarkali suit is a modern innovation. They come in multiple designer patterns like net embroidered, asymmetrical, embroidered, full length and zardosi. You can wear these amazing capes with different accessories like oxidised or silver jewellery. These Anarkali suits are a great combination with the salwars, palazzo and straight pants. These Anarkali suits are a great combination with the salwars, palazzo and straight pants.

Short-Length Anarkali Kurti

A short-length Anarkali Kurti is an example of touching traditional ethnic fashion with a modern touch. It is one of the younger generation’s most trending designs of Anarkali. Wearing it with flared pants makes it the outfit of the night. Combine it with jeans, and it becomes the outfit of the day. Wear them with a cotton trouser, and it becomes an ideal outfit for home. In short this is one amazing type of anarkali kurti that you can adorn both at home or anywhere outside.

Half-panel Anarkali Kurti

What makes half panel Anarkali Kurtis unique is that the top wear and the skirt are in one piece. They are stitched together to make a single dress. These ethnic Kurtis fall down to the floor length and are ideal wear for tall women. As a result, it becomes one ideal outfit for tall women whenever it comes to occasions. So, if you are thinking about an elegant look, try it with a palazzo or shararas. You can top it off with a dupatta. Wearing some light bling accessories like a necklace, earring, or ring can make you look like royalty.

Layered Anarkali Kurti

The layered design of Anarkali Kurtis is a two-layer skirt dress. The skirt has two different layers stitched together; the above one is shorter than the one below. Their colour scheme determination is on the basis of contrasting colours. Hence, making the dress more vibrant and eye-catchy. Moreover, a red boutique suit of layered Anarkali Kurti with golden embroidery is a perfect ethnic dress. In fact, you can also choose layered anarkali kurti in minimalist patterns for your office wear needs.

Modern-designer Anarkali

Young women don’t feel the need to carry heavy dresses or wear unbreathable fabric clothes. Therefore, this request emerged a new Anarkali type called the modern-designer style Anarkali Kurti. It is famous for its beautiful neck designs and baggy sleeves. There are many variations, like a front slit-cape design. Apart from wearing these on special occasions, there are simpler and basic designs for the office as well.

Anarkali Kurti Suits Sets in The Modern Society

The Anarkali suit sets are part of a traditional ethnic design of Kurtis. The wearing comfort, variety of style patterns and different designs are the reasons for popularising Anarkali design. People are more inclined towards adding traditional and ethnic wear in the closets because of outfits like Anarkali kurtis or suit sets. The special thing about Anarkali suits is that minimal jewellery adds a royal touch.

Final Takeaway

Anarkali is the most exclusive and royal design in the ethnic fashion industry. As we mentioned above, this traditional royal look has again topped the market. The fashion industry is in the whole craze of experimenting with different designs. Therefore, we selected some beautiful ones to help you choose your best pick. So, if it has been of help to you, don’t wait and start revamping your closet with Anarkali ethnic suit sets today!

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