Mini Poker – Game rules and detailed game instructions

Mini Poker is a slot game with the perfect combination of strategy and luck, attracting many game enthusiasts to participate. Currently also developed on an online platform with a beautiful interface at 789BET. If you don’t know what kind of game this is, don’t skip the content of this article.

What is Mini Poker Game?

Game Mini Poker is a small part of the Jackpot game series, which many players are interested in and participate in. The gameplay of this type of game is similar to a slot machine, although the reward calculation is similar to a poker game.

That’s why said game Mini Poker is a mixture of strategy and luck. And this is also the reason why the game attracts many enthusiasts to participate. Players not only have the opportunity to entertain but also practice intellectually.

Mini Poker is currently not only famous in Vietnam but also famous all over the world. The online version combined with new technology and professional graphics techniques brings new appeal to players.

When played, the game consists of 5 cards along with an axis to spin. The player chooses to spin the reel and the system will randomly return spin results. If the player spins 5 cards that are connected as prescribed by the house, the player will win the bet and receive a bonus.

In addition to these factors game Mini Poker do 789Bet The organization also has promotions and rewards with attractive rewards that create excitement among players.

Instructions on how to play Mini Poker

When the player accesses 789Bet and log in to the game, players will be able to choose different bet levels that best suit them and start spinning mini Poker.

Rules of Mini Poker

789Bet Offering diverse bet levels, players check their account and then choose the most appropriate bet level.

On the game screen interface there will be the following buttons, players need to understand clearly to be able to perform more flexibly when playing. Mini Poker:

  • Super speed button: This button has the effect of eliminating effect bars, helping the recording results to be displayed faster.
  • Auto-rotate button: This is the auto mode start button, players do not need to press the start button manually. The system will support players and spin for them until they press stop or when their account has no more coins to bet on.
  • Betting history: The system collects information and records the entire player’s shooting history in each game. Each game clearly displays the winning and losing amounts and bet status. This will be more convenient for players to check and compare.
  • Charts: Rank the list of players with good results when playing Mini Poker

Gaming mechanics

Game mini Poker Developed with an online platform, there have been more or less changes to best suit current players. It can be said that this game is similar to spinning the jackpot, but the speed and time will end sooner.

Players will quickly get results without waiting. Mini Poker Game Although it does not hack the player’s brain, there are also requirements for appropriate shooting strategies to help players win.

When playing, players can choose to spin themselves, so they can know when to stop and when not to stop. Or when you plan to record continuously until the end, you can also use the Auto-record button to let the system control itself. Just like that until the player can win the reward for himself.

Collection of cards and corresponding reward levels

The player must draw 5 cards that match the house’s rules to receive a big reward. So specifically, how does a player have to draw 5 cards to win the bet?

  • If the card results are a straight flush, only the cards 10, J, Q, K, A will receive the entire bonus fund and this is considered a big pot explosion.
  • If the card results in a straight flush of the same suit, which can be hearts, diamonds, diamonds, or spades, the player will receive a bonus worth 300 times the amount they initially bet.
  • If the result of the cards is four of a kind, the player receives a reward 150 times higher than the initial bet amount.
  • If the result is a triple and a double, the reward will be 50 times the bet amount.
  • If the result is a box, the player receives a bonus 25 times greater than the amount of money bet when entering the game.
  • When the result appears to be a straight of different suits, that is, a consecutive row that does not resemble hearts, diamonds, diamonds or spades, the reward is 13 times the amount of the bet the player spent.
  • When the result appears to be ten, the bet amount will be 8 times the bet amount.
  • If the result is two pairs, the reward the player receives is 5 times the bet.
  • The result is 1 pair, and if it is a J pair or more, you will receive 2.5 times the bet.
  • When the result is a pair of 10 or less, the reward the player receives is 0.5 compared to the initial bet amount.

And for the remaining results, the player will not receive a reward and will lose the bet.

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How to spin Mini Poker to win big

To be able to win game Mini Poker To win a big prize from the house, players need to pay attention to many factors. Of course, not only is it necessary to build a long-term gaming strategy, but it also requires a lot of experience and preparation.

The important thing is to first make sure you have a stable network when playing. If it is not stable, the reward will fall into the opponent’s hands immediately. In addition, you should spin continuously, so that you can keep up with the opportunity to win rewards.

Players can spin themselves or use the auto spin button. But don’t always abuse the auto-rotate button, so there is a way to use this button in the most appropriate way.

Before entering the game, you should deposit money and check the full face value. Bets should be divided into different levels. First, you should bet at a low level and get familiar with the game Mini Poker. Then gradually increase the bet level when you feel confident enough to win the game.

If the player is worried, he can maintain a single bet. Play through many rounds to gradually accumulate experience. From there, you can decide for yourself different gaming strategies, accomplishing larger goals when playing Mini Poker.

Each player should have different goals for playing to receive rewards and usage limits. Have a certain amount of capital, divide it into small parts and play gradually. Until you run out of capital, stop and choose to return to play Mini Poker on another occasion.

Likewise, when playing, if you exceed the time limit you set, you should stop. Review your betting history yourself and summarize your experience to be able to draw lessons and experiences. Then decide how to play the next games, what time to bet…

Or when you win to a certain amount of money, just matching your goal, you should stop. Because Mini Poker It requires not only strategy but also luck. When luck is used up, bad luck will come. Players should clearly understand this principle and should not play too deeply to avoid overturning the situation, then the person who will be harmed will be themselves.

In addition, players can also combine with Mini Poker card game with rewards to help increase your reward rate. When you win, either side has a chance to get back the loss. If you win both, it can be considered lucky and you will have stronger capital. And it is important to know how to persevere to win.

Instructions for registering a Mini Poker 789Bet account

Bookmaker 789bet organize entertainment Mini Poker gives players the opportunity to entertain and find comfortable relaxation time.

Players can access 789Bet and select item Register for 789bet to create an account. The system displays an information request board, players only need to enter the requested information such as name, password, phone number, email… confirmation code.

Then check the accuracy of the information and click Register to complete the operation. 789Bet will send information via the contact methods that players register to notify them of successful account creation.

New players create accounts at 789Bet Newbie incentives will be supported. With this capital, players can safely participate in other games, not just Mini Poker.

When using up all capital, players can search for suitable promotions Mini Poker. Check the terms of participation and you can deposit money yourself to receive incentives to continue playing the game.


Mini Poker is a simple, entertaining game with no complicated rules. Furthermore, the graphics are beautiful and there are many promotions. Above is the information and sharing about game Mini Poker, hoping to help players better understand the genre reward game This.

Everyone should have a calm mentality when playing. Just practice for a long time and everyone can gradually get used to the game. It is important that players need to find a safe house to ensure their wins are transparent.

Players can participate in playing at the house 789Bet to get a great experience. When participating at a reputable bookmaker 789Bet, players have the opportunity to win big prizes, enjoy a diverse and wonderful gaming community.

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