Milan Day Satta Matka: A Game Of Luck Or Skill?


Satta matka is one of the most famous games among online gamers. Many people say that this is a luck game not a skill game. It is true but only to some extent. You can randomly choose the number and bet on that but the chances of winning are very rare or low. There are experts in this field who don’t depend on luck, they use their own strategy and tricks to win the game and you can do the same.

There are hundreds of satta matka games available like milan day, time bazaar and so on. This game has the capability to make you rich but if you only depend on luck then it’s neve gonna. There are gamers out there who are winning daily but not because of luck. They are using the premium strategies that we are going to share with you ahead in this blog. So if you want to win more in the game then this blog is very helpful for you.

On our website satta matka mobi we daily share tips, tricks and updates regarding satta matka. So if you are looking for any kind of help then our website is the best destination for you.

How to play Milan Day?

Milan day is one of the famous games in satta matka. This game comes under the regular bazaar that means a player can bet on this game twice, one at the opening and another at the closing. The betting time on this game is 3:20 PM to 5:20 PM. The rules are the same as other satta matka games. In order to win a player has to choose from a pair of three distinct numbers from the numbers between 0 to 9. The winner will be announced at the end of the game. The results of the game are displayed at the end of the game on the same website. There are many ways to choose the ideal winning number that we are going to show you in a moment.

Premium Strategies To Win

Satta calculation

The player who plays on a daily basis must be aware of this term but for the beginner it is something new. According to experts if you want to choose the ideal winning number that will increase your chance then satta calculation is a must. Suppose you choose a pair of three numbers then on those numbers the ideal winning number is drawn. Suppose you choose 789 as your number then after the addition of all these three numbers the last digit is your ideal winning number. That means 7+8+9= 24 then the last digit 4 is your winning number. For more accuracy access the milan day panel chart. It is available on our website and will clear all your doubts.

Jodi Chart and Panel Chart

Milan day jodi chart and Milan day panel chart is the best way to see how the dpboss matka results are drawn. The main goal of this chart is to showcase the results that are drawn in the past but for expert gamers it is something else. Many expert gamers use this to predict the future numbers. According to them this chart has the capability to show the future results but it takes years of experience to see that.  If you are capable enough to see that then you are welcome to use this chart in the way you like.

Matka Guessing Forum

The Matka guessing forum is one of the best help that can increase your chances of winning or double it. This chart is mainly for beginners but this chart is so accurate that even experts also use it. In this guessing forum the expert astrologists guess the number that has high probability to get drawn in the upcoming result. Many gamers are not sure about the number they choose so for those this can act as the best accountability partner. They can double check their guessing. It does not work each time but the majority of time it works.

Think Practically

There are many gamers out there who use the same kind of strategy every time. This strategy doesn’t work every time but they still believe this.  Many of the gamers do this kind of thing because they think it is good. When you think practically this strategy are nothing but a waste and if you continue with strategy all the time then at some point of the game you will lose all the money.


All the strategies that we showed you are proven and experts in the field use this to make their game much better.  If you play these games on a regular basis then there’s a chance that you will create a strategy that works for you and only you. For more visit satta matka mobi.

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