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I remember my ultimate love for citrus from a very young age 🍋. Parents sometimes give a piece of lemon to their babies for fun or as an innocent joke, only to be amused by the surprised kid’s grimaces as he or she puts the sour fruit in his or her mouth.

Well, that didn’t work for me. After a few seconds, my half slice of lemon into my hand was entirely gone, there was no trace of the fruit. Of course, I didn’t miss the squinted eyes and the disfigured little face either, but I devoured the lemon and demanded another slice from my mother.

In the following years, the same thing happened with oranges, grapefruits, mandarins and even pomelos. I had no interest for apples and peaches, or even watermelon, I would just eat citrus all day. My parents even took me to the doctor, because they were worried that my unusual appetite might be caused by some rare illness.

But the doctor reassured my parents that I was a perfectly healthy toddler, who just have a huge appetite for citrus.

From my strange appetite to everything that is lemon, orange and so on

Perhaps the unusual appetite alone wouldn’t have been so strange, but this did not ended, because I carried this inexplicable love for these fruits with me into adulthood.

The Gametwist came when I noticed that I started to dress in yellow and orange colored clothes. When my wife and I moved into our new family home, after the renovation we painted the home office yellow. Apparently there is nothing unusual about this, because yellow is good for the brain anyway, it stimulates creative thinking. So my wife didn’t mind the color choice either.

But my childhood favorite fruit, in one form or another, did appear at more and more levels of my life. Of course, I can only see this after many years, when I was involved I didn’t even notice it, I didn’t even think about it then.

I didn’t even noticed when I chose a lemon slice for as a logo for my IT company and our two family cars happened to be a yellow Toyota Prius and an orange Range Rover. And my after-work recreation and relaxation were often playing Lemon casino and Gametwist.

Why we had named our girl Clementine

My fascination with citrus fruits began to be suspicious even for me, when my uncle asked my wife and me why we had named our daughter Clementine 🍊. That was the exact moment, I guess, when I realized that this is some strange thing. That the lemon I had tasted when I was at a very young and fragile age had such an impact on my life choices, and somehow is still with me to this day.

This realization surprised me so much that I have never fully “recovered” from it since. I’d say things have changed, but I’m still feeling kinda attracted to citrus, but now I’m very conscious of my choices. And as long as I’m not creating any kind of damage to anyone, this thing probably will never going to chance.

This is just some interesting fact from my life that I wanted to share with you. But the real Gametwist is something I’ve been thinking about intensely for a while. Hear me out: how much of an impact can have our experiences from a very young age to our subconscious?

I’d really like a scientific answer to all this questions, to finally make sense of my daughter’s name, the yellow Prius, the yellow color of our home office, the Lemon casino and so on. Childhood experiences are deeply fixed in our subconscious, so at this age we need to pay a very close attention to the effects on our children. Because these can be beautiful memories and experiences or crippling traumas. Or some randomly innocent citrus fruits 🤣.

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