Ledia Lighting: Lighting the Way with LED Solutions

Are you in search of the distribution of exceptional LED lighting solutions? Look no further than Ledia Lighting, a trusted name, among LED light suppliers, in the industry for over 15 years! With a specialization in LED linear lighting, Ledia Lighting offers a wide array of top-quality products to meet your every lighting need.

Ideal Lighting Solutions for Every Task and Mood

When it comes to task lighting, Ledia Lighting understands the importance of having the perfect illumination for your reading, cooking, or writing activities. You want the light to be bright enough for focus, yet gentle enough to protect your precious eyes. Their LED cabinet lighting strips with high voltage or Ledia Lighting’s specially designed lamps can provide the highest illuminance, ensuring a glare-free experience.

Under Cabinet Lighting: Versatility and Style

Ledia Lighting’s under cabinet lights come in various fixture types, including puck, tape, and rope lights, each serving different purposes with distinctive shedding scopes. Among them, the under cabinet lighting strips steal the spotlight, providing versatility and style to your indoor settings. Attach such USB LED light strips beneath your cabinets, and watch as they illuminate your cooking space or add a touch of emphasis to your favorite piece of art.

The Perfect Light Temperature for Every Occasion

Create captivating atmospheres ranging from warm and cozy to cool and crisp with under cabinet lighting strips featuring a variety of color temperatures. Choose from a range of 3,000k to 5,000k based on your specific requirements. Ledia Lighting’s LED solutions allow you to effortlessly set the ambiance you desire, ensuring that every space reflects your unique style and taste.


As an esteemed distributor or agent of Ledia Lighting, you have access to an extensive range of LED solutions designed to exceed expectations. With Ledia Lighting’s impressive track record and unwavering commitment to quality, you can confidently showcase Ledia Lighting’s products, catering to the diverse needs of you.

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