Advancing Efficiency and Intelligence with Winline Technology’s Mars-L Series Liquid Cooling PCS Module for EV Charging Stations

With the rising popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), businesses are in need of efficient and intelligent charging solutions to support their EV infrastructure. Winline Technology introduces the Mars-L Series Liquid Cooling PCS Module, specifically designed for EV fast charging stations and EV charging station wallbox in business-to-business (B2B) applications. This cutting-edge module offers enhanced efficiency, flexibility, and grid-friendly features, revolutionizing power conversion for EV charging systems.

Efficiency and Intelligent Power Conversion for EV Fast Charging Stations

The Mars-L Series Liquid Cooling PCS Module by Winline Technology incorporates advanced features for efficient power conversion in EV fast charging stations. Its three-level topology design ensures up to 99% conversion efficiency, minimizing energy losses during the charging process. With an intelligent multi-level speed-adjustable fan control system, the module optimizes cooling efficiency, maintaining optimal operating temperatures for reliable performance. The efficient harmonic suppression algorithm further reduces harmonic distortion, guaranteeing cleaner power output for EV charging stations. Winline Technology’s Mars-L Series ensures that businesses can provide fast and efficient charging services to their customers, enhancing the overall EV charging experience.

Flexibility and Scalability with EV Charging Station Wallbox Integration

The Mars-L Series Liquid Cooling PCS Module offers exceptional flexibility in module configuration, making it an ideal choice for EV charging station wallboxes. It supports up to 8 sets of modules co-DC and 32 sets of modules co-AC, allowing for scalable and customizable power conversion solutions. The module’s design adheres to the 4U standard, ensuring compatibility with standard rack-mount enclosures commonly used in EV charging station installations. With its ability to support auxiliary equipment such as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), DVR (Digital Video Recorder), and SVG (Static Var Generator), the Mars-L Series enables seamless integration into comprehensive EV charging station setups. Furthermore, it supports 100% imbalance load in off-grid mode, ensuring robust performance even in challenging power conditions.

Grid-Friendly Features for Stable EV Charging Operations

Winline Technology’s Mars-L Series Liquid Cooling PCS Module prioritizes grid-friendly features to ensure stable and reliable EV charging operations. It supports high and low voltage ride-through, allowing the EV charging system to withstand voltage fluctuations and maintain uninterrupted power supply during grid disturbances. The module’s grid-forming on-grid technology enables it to integrate seamlessly with the power grid, enhancing stability and resilience. It also ensures stable operation in weak grid environments, making it an ideal choice for locations with inconsistent power supply. These grid-friendly features guarantee that businesses can offer EV charging services consistently, regardless of the grid conditions.


Winline Technology’s Mars-L Series Liquid Cooling PCS Module is a game-changer in the field of EV charging infrastructure. With its efficient power conversion, intelligent cooling system, and grid-friendly features, the Mars-L Series ensures optimal performance, reliability, and energy efficiency in EV fast charging stations and EV charging station wallboxes. The module’s flexibility in configuration and scalability allows businesses to customize their EV charging setups according to their specific needs. Winline Technology’s commitment to delivering high-quality products and comprehensive customer support makes them a trusted partner for businesses seeking advanced power conversion solutions for their EV charging infrastructure. By embracing the Mars-L Series Liquid Cooling PCS Module, businesses can provide fast, reliable, and efficient EV charging services, contributing to the widespread adoption of electric mobility.

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